6 Reasons You Should Ride A Bike On Daily Basis

Our lifestyles, advanced technology, and convenient living have wreaked havoc on our physical health on the whole. Considering the prevailing pandemic situation going all over the world, it has become necessary to stay as much in action as possible. 

Cycling on daily basis

In these trying times, outdoor activities have become most popular amongst people of every age. Not just as a fun time activity, many are switching to bikes for their daily commute for work and other errands. 

Let’s have a look at how you must take up riding a bike on a daily basis, especially in such trying times. 

  1. Improves overall Health

One research on the other states that incorporating aerobics in your routine is incredibly beneficial, especially if you are doing it outside. 

Here are some of the amazing benefits riding a bike has on your body:

  • Cycling helps improve your cardiovascular health and significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • It enhances stamina and lower-body strength.

  • Lung capacity improves over time with consistent cycling.

  • Riding a bike improves blood sugar level and regulates insulin sensitivity.

  • It reduces the risk of metabolic conditions, like type 2 diabetes.

  • Cycling (physical activity) improves the quality and quantity of sleep.

  • Robust activity eliminates the chances of getting seasonal flu and the common cold. 

  • Improved cognitive function and enhanced productivity.

Riding a bike is a low impact activity that gradually affects your overall health including targeting your lower body.


If you are looking forward to losing some weight, cycling will not help you in any way with that as it does not impact your knees, hips, and ankles.


2. Cost-Efficient Alternative To Public Commute Or Driving

As much as owning a car can be expensive, maintenance costs you thousands of bucks along with the fuel, road taxes, and insurance. It does not seem much until you sit back and calculate your annual expenses despite what kind of vehicle you have. 


Besides personal transport, public transportation, while cheaper also come with its own drawbacks. It is not just crowded, there are the chances of spreading germs, monetary cost, and changing various stops. It can be frustrating at the end of the day.


Switching to hybrid bikes can be beneficial for various reasons like;

  • It does not require much maintenance.

  • You can cut on the daily expense.

  • Bikes do not require a parking fee.

  • You can ride a cycle for grocery shopping, cruising around in the fresh air, or run errands. 


3. It’s a Win-win For The Environment

Most people do not realize that leaving your car behind and opting for a bike to run errands or commuting for all your needs can have a significant effect on the environment. Cycling contributes to reducing the carbon footprint contributing towards a better environment.


Cycling comes with long term advantages on the climate and environment.

  • It cut down on greenhouse gas emission.

  • Helps in reducing air and noise pollution.

  • Eliminates the hassle in traffic jams.

  • It helps in reducing the ecological footprint.


If you are wondering what impact a cycle can make on the environment. If more people gradually switch to an ecological environmental mindset, which can create a drastic impact in the long run.


4. Lower BMI or Cut Down Calorie Without Extra Effort

Cycling or riding a bike offers multiple benefits when we speak or staying fit. Where it does not directly affects your thighs or hips, but cycling significantly helps in reducing overall weight by cutting down calories. To achieve a calorie deficit that is essential for weight loss, riding a bike for half or an hour will help you burn 300 calories.


Depending on the type of bike you are riding also has its part in calorie cut down. For instance, hybrid bikes are easy to ride and take a moderate effort in comparison to ordinary bikes. You can also adjust a hybrid bike as per your needs and requirements.


Once you get into commuting via a bike, you will more likely start to take care of what you put inside your body. The right balance between the exercise and the nutrients you take can help you reduce weight. Alongside fitness, cycling helps with the concerns related to weight, such as blood pressure.


It may not directly affect your body producing visible difference, but it surely helps in improving your overall health, making you feel better and positive about yourself. 


5. Boost Mental Health

Fresh air never fails to relieve stress. Cycling is a great way to open up your mind, achieving more consciousness, concentration, and awareness for the present moment. The reason behind increased concentration is your focus on your body and mind. Another reason to back up this theory is that when you do some activity, it releases endorphins, which play important role in lowering stress levels, elevating the mood.


6. Improves Balance, Posture, and Coordination

Riding a bike on a daily basis play a crucial role in improving your overall balance and posture along with coordination. As you age, your posture decline and you become inactive. To avoid imbalance and declined posture with age, incorporate cycling into your daily routine. It helps in preventing falls and fracture.


Riding a bike is a healthy yet enjoyable exercise and if the weather is on your side, it gives you a great opportunity to cruise around and exploring locals. The only thing you must consider is being cautious and play safe while on the road.


How to choose the best bike for commuting

First and foremost, a hybrid bike is your ultimate cycling companion. It is a mix of mountain, touring, and road bike design, which include features from all the bike types, making it a do-it-all.


Hybrid Bike Features

To find the right bike, consider the type of riding you will be doing; commuting in the city, riding pavements, cruising around the countryside, or smooth streets for a workout. Once you know your type, look for these features in your bike.

  • Wheel size

  • Gears

  • Bike suspension

  • Brake type

  • Bike frame material

  • Handlebar shape

Having the right features for your bike can offer the smoothest, trouble-free, and most comfortable ride.

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