Top 7 Best Electronic Coyote Call Final – Buying Guide

If you are planning to go for predator-hunting pastimes in North America, then this best electronic coyote call can definitely help you in this hot weather. Otherwise, it’ll be very difficult for you to enjoy in the hot burning weather.

Coyote hunting is seen as the most beneficial and effective way for predator hunting especially in areas like North America. It provides multiple unique ways of hunting. The coyote hunting electronic calls provide you with a number of surprising and challenging features that include cunning, agile and intelligent that ensures to give you the highest level of hunting experience.

How to choose the best predator call for coyotes

Buying best coyote call sounds might seem easy as they are not complicated devices at all but there is lot more to it than you think. You might be surprised when you start looking into its multiple features. Before searching for best coyote hand calls there are several factors that you need to keep in mind while buying top rated coyote calls online. Some of the major factors that should affect the buying decisions are as follows;

Electronic or mouth blown:

If you’re new to this field then mouth blown option would be reliable for you as it is budget friendly and suitable for beginners. But if you’re looking for a big device with numerous options, then the best coyote electronic call should be your weapon of choice, as it is budget friendly as well.

The Price:

The most important thing you have to consider before buying any product is that how much money you’re willing to spend. Best electronic coyote calls can be a bit expensive as compared to other products, and if you can afford it then it would be great, if not that nothing can replace its performance.


We’ll suggest you to look up for the most refined brand with good electronic coyote call qualities. For that you have to go through top

coyote mouth calls reviews while choosing the best for yourself. Brands offer you wide range of qualities that one is searching for.


The other important factor you need to focus on is its durability because, you don’t want to buy a predator call after every couple of months that is why you should look for good cheap coyote call within your price range. Moreover, it gives you tough call with incredible extended battery capacity. The best handheld coyote calls has the excellent battery life, because these products focus on battery life because if your battery dies during hunting that can really cause a huge problem for you. And their products seem to be sturdy enough to handle all types of harsh conditions even in rain and snow.


It has an extraordinary feature of programmability. It can be updated through computer easily, that mean you can add or remove coyote calls. Whereas, coyote hunting electronic calls gives you a variety of options including free memory and additional programming options. These devices also offer you with maximum call selection and they can also be used for all of your hunting needs.

The Design:

Whenever, we discuss about the best e caller for coyotes it means we’re talking about design. All you want in your best electronic coyote call for your money is to be portable, lightweight, and difficult to chase. Most of coyote calls are light and easy to transport and uses small way to hide themselves in the grass.

The Speaker:

The speaker plays a vital role in predator call, and if you’re using best coyote howler mouth call, then you really need to choose the best speaker as it help the animal recognize it from long distances. You need to check before buying whether your speaker distort sound at high volume or not. This is the reason we’re suggesting you to confirm that your sound is clear. If you want to go for a directional speaker then it would more convenient and suitable for you.

To help you find a product that has all the features mentioned above, we have formed a list of electronic coyote call reviews. These will give you an insight about these products and make your buying decision much easier.

Top 7 Best Electronic Coyote Call Final

FOXPRO Hammer Jack

4.3View Product
Primos Dog Catcher4.0View Product
Denon AVR-S740H4.4View Product
FOXPRO Shockwave4.5View Product
ICOtec GC320
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FOXPRO Dead bone
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1. FOXPRO Hammer Jack

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Key Features:

  • It has a unique quality of high end predator call.
  • This product is seen as the top product that provide so much versality for its customers, as it has the capacity to produce 211 sounds with impressive wide range than ICOtec electronic game call.
  • External jack option is also there if two speakers fail to give high level of volume.
  • It doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery, a port is given along with it.
  • You can also get this ,multi purpose product in a reasonable price.

This product is considered as the top best coyote call sound  among other products because of its unique quality of high-end predator calls. As it is program based therefore, it has the capacity to produce 211 sounds, in which 100 FROPRO sounds and 111 free calls. It also gives you the option to connect it with your computer and you can also add up to 300 sounds.

It also have an external jack to connect external speakers if the two speakers doesn’t produce high quality sound then these can also use for producing high volume. It doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery, as charging port is attached to it.

It gives you a variety of features especially when it detects any gunshot. It also allows you to set up your own call playlists, so you do not need to fiddle with the remote to have a natural series of rounds.

2. ICOtec Electronic Game Call

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Key Features:

  • This product is very convenient to use with an impressive wide range.
  • The best thing about this product is that it is pocket friendly as well.
  • You can easily get this product under $100 from Amazon.
  • It is not programme based and only produce 12 sounds which is less than FOXPRO hammer jack.

This ICOtec has a remarkable high level predator call quality, which is capable enough to fulfil all the requirements of veteran hunters. However, it doesn’t include any programmability option and consist of only 12 sounds. This product helps you in attracting a wide range of predator.

It also have a remote option that is tuned to the caller, you don’t have to fiddle to start the device. What you have to do is to press the button and then your call will start making noise. The remote have the capacity to work from an impressive distance of 300 yards. This gives you multiple options of turning on or off the backlighting for night hunting. You can even change volume and pause the call. In this product a single speaker is placed but if you are willing to raise the caller off the ground it can increase the speaker’s range.

3. Primos Dog Catcher

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Key Features:

  • This product is introduced in the market with adjustable legs.
  • This product is very easy to use as no setup is required for this.
  • This product is also seen as the best budget coyote call.
  • It has a clear volume but not very high.
  • The only downfall of this product is that the remote turns on itself and drains out all the battery life.
  • This product gives you a wide range but it battery life is comparatively low and doesn’t stand out in difficult times like FoxPro hammer jack.

This is another extraordinary product which is aimed at bobcats, coyotes, and foxes. This alpha dog coyote call comes with 12 calls and these calls were designed by Randy Anderson which gives invitations to number of wide animals in distress. Moreover, it also has a turn up and down volume button and it also gives you the option to pause the calls. This incredible best call for coyote hunting comes with two sound systems which can play at the same time. Its speaker gives the caller wide range of option and blends into many environment. You can also bend its antenna for transport and storage. The sound of dog catcher’s speaker is clear but not that much high as it should be. This product gives you a range of 150 yards due to which it makes easier for smaller predators.

4. Primos Turbo Dog


Key Features:

  • The unique quality about this product is that it is expandable.
  • It has strong, high-fidelity speaker.
  • Its remote range can give you a tough time whenever the caller is sitting on the ground.
  • The most amazing feature of this turbo Dog is that it has an excellent audio which means you can add many sounds but the problem lies in searching range.
  • No doubt, this product offers you variety of sounds but this is also a reality its range is not impressive as like, FoxPro hammer jack.

This is introduced in the market with most advanced features and is also considered as the best predator call for the money. This product works on a programmable system. This product includes 36 sounds, which are further divided into number of species. You can easily plug the unit into your computer to download any other or even use expert hunts, of which 4 are included out of the box. Expert hunts are basically designed to better mimic natural animal sounds rather than keep repeating the old sound again and again. It works on pre-programmed sequences of different calls.

Its remote screen is colourful and with 1.75” LCD screen which works amazing in tough conditions. Honestly speaking, its speaker works remarkably well. It has a 25 watt amplifier which is louder than any other units even in half volume. Its speaker produces extraordinary wider frequency range than most other calls. Moreover, there is an audio-out port attached to it so you can also add an additional speaker.

Its remote can give you a tough time while connecting to the caller when the caller is on ground and every time you have to lift up in order to achieve the enough range to get connected.

5. FOXPRO Shockwave

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Key Features:

  • It gives you a very high quality volume.
  • This product comes with 100 sounds.
  • This product is expensive as compared to other ones.
  • The only downfall about this product is that its range is low as compared to other products; otherwise it works flawlessly in all condition.
  • Its FoxPro hammer jack is comparatively better and more versatile then this one as it has the capacity to give impressive range of 300 yards, which makes it different from others.

This product is seen as the beast of best foxpro sounds for coyote.  The best foxpro sounds for coyote hunting consists of mainly four speakers, two of which are for high volume and other two for tweeters to round out the sound. This product has been introduced in the market with 100 sounds and can even supports 1,000 calls. It has multiple unique features which makes it different from other products.

It gathers information from built-in atmosphere sensors, which includes factors like temperature, moon phase when you are present at the hunting area. The shockwave has a tremendous quality of controlling the sound volume automatically.

You can even charge the battery with the available charging port and if the two speakers don’t give you the high volume you can add two external speakers to the external speaker jacks attached to it. Its remote also gives you a number of amazing features with full LCD screen. However, its range is not that good as it is only till 100 yards which is relatively low as compared to other products.

6. ICOtec GC320

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Key Features:

  • It is very convenient to use.
  • It has a unique impressive range quality not better than FoxPro hammer jack.
  • Moreover, this product is budget friendly.
  • It has the quality of rabbit in distress coyote call.

This product is seen as the best coyote call for the money. This GC320 provides you with an outstanding remote technology that ranges up to 300 yards with no line of sight required to activate the main speaker unit and decoy. This unique product comes with 24 deadly programme calls which mean that you can play two calls simultaneously. This product is very easy to handle as it is lightweight, compact and very easy to operate. It has an excellent remote feature that can make long range connectivity possible for you with low power consumption. Moreover this product is equipped with electronic decoy with best cheap coyote call.

7. FOXPRO Dead bone

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Key Features:

  • It seems to be compact and lightweight
  • It also provides you with good speaker and high sound quality.
  • Its antenna seems to be fragile.
  • Firstly, it gives you limited options secondly, it range is also comparatively low with  FoxPro hammerjack.

This product produces 15 different sounds and does not allow you to further add any other sounds to it. You can easily hear its 15 sounds through its speaker. It is convenient to use and its remote can be used from a distance of 200 yards.

The dead bone caller is composed of thin ABS, which usually cuts down on weight and feels flimsier except for the antenna. This part is usually fragile.


Only the best electronic coyote call can be considered as the panacea for this problem of our valued customers.I hope this extended guide is enough for you, and now you are able to buy your own best electronic coyote call.

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What is the best coyote call?

The best coyote call that we have reviewed from all the top brands are FOXPRO especially hammer jack one, ICOtec 300 one, Primos dog catcher and lucky duck coyote call.

What is the best call for coyote hunting?

The best call for coyote hunting can be Fox Pro hammer jack one, Primos Alpha Dog for best electronic predator call  , ICOtec GC300 for best predator calls for the money, , Primos Turbo Dog for best calls for coyote hunting, Primos Dog Catcher for best budget game call.

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