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Keep your firearm intact with the top 8 best handgun cleaning kits

Precision and skill. All gun owners know the true meaning of these words. To get the perfect shot, you need the perfect firearm – but what makes a firearm perfect? Amongst many things to consider when it comes to buying a gun one of the core things is its maintenance which cannot be possible without a handgun cleaning kit.

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FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning

☞Weight: 2.8 pounds

Owning the best handgun cleaning kit is crucial for any gun owner but how do you find the right one? That’s where we come in. We have compiled a list of the top 8 finest handgun cleaning kits for you to choose from.

Buyer’s Guide

Before we get into the actual list, let us talk about some of the factors that you should consider before buying the perfect handgun cleaning kit. If you consider these metrics before you evaluate the products your choice would become ten times easier and more personalized.

The cost

The first thing that comes to mind while buying anything, including and not limited to firearms is the cost of the product. As a general rule of thumb, we all know you have to pay for quality. But that doesn’t necessarily mean less costly items aren’t a good buy.

So, how to differentiate between the various price points in order to get the right product? Firearms can be categorized into three models based on their cost that are cheap, medium, and high-priced models. Most cheap models are a big no-no. They feature brushes that are incapable of cleaning anything.

Of course, you would want to watch out for the cost of the cleaning kit. You can be sure to get the cheap models, medium-priced models, and the highly-priced models. So, which one do you get to choose? A lot of things go into picking the right one for yourself.

The cheap models are not always the best solutions. You will find that they come with brushes that can hardly scrub anything. They will also break easily. With the two most important factors lacking, there is not much use left in a cheap handgun cleaning kit.

The second category to consider is the medium-priced handgun cleaning model. Most products from this range work fine, some better than others. You will just have to find the one that works for you.  And the last price model is the high priced range. Most of the time you can trust a product from this range blindly. Each ones with their own patented technologies for efficient cleaning. You can choose the one that works best for you from the vast range of products. Take a look at all the components it comes with and get cleaning.


What the cleaning kit is made of is going to have a direct impact on your performance. The durability of the kit will come from the type of materials it is manufactured used for its composition. Kits with multiple plastic-based pieces will not do you any good since it’s the least durable material.

A firearm cleaning kit with a combination of both metal and plastic will perform better. Since some important parts of it would be composed of metal so, the chances of their breakage would be very low. However, they will not be as good as the kits with all metal parts. They will be on the higher price spectrum, but they will durability far better than plastic kits.


The next thing to consider is accessories. All products will offer certain accessories with the kit and you will need to which one you need for the perfect clean up. The fits thing you will require is any kind of solution that will help you clean the gun properly.

To remove carbon, lead, and other dirt particles usually a solvent works fine. After the solvent, you need something to remove the grease. This degreaser will help remove excess oils and dirt from the moving parts of your firearm.

You would think since, we are removing oil so, maybe we have to keep it super dry and oil-free but that’s not true. Lubrication is just as important for the performance of your handgun. Look for a lubricant that is corrosion resistant and water repellant.

The last few things to consider are the brushes and the bore guide. The brushes will be doing most of the work and for that, you need durable, strong bushes preferably of metal so, they don’t break on you. The rod dead is maintained at the dead center of the rifle bone thanks to the bore guide.


The last factor on our buyer’s guide today is portability. Portability is important since eventually, you will feel the need to move with your firearm cleaning kit. In that case, it would be crucial that the product you decide on comes with the right mobility option.

Some kits will come with ballistic nylon bags for easy storage. Since these bags are weather-resistant, they last a good while. Others offer aluminum-based toolboxes and there’s no doubt in our mind that aluminum-based products are built to last.

List of the top 8 finest handgun cleaning kits

We have compiled a list of the top 8 finest handgun cleaning kits for you to choose from.

FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning☞Weight: 2.8 pounds4.9/5View Product
Otis elite gun cleaning kit☞Weight: 3.5 pounds4.6/5View Product
Hoppe’s BoreSnake☞Weight: 25 pounds4.8/5View Product
Hoppes No. 9☞Weight: 2.4 ounce4.7/5View Product
DAC Winchester Super Deluxe☞Weight: 2.7 pounds4.8/5View Product
Alien Company☞Weight: 3,7pounds4.6/5View Product
Gloryfire☞Weight: 2.16 pounds4.9/5View Product
Remington Hunting☞Weight: 5 ounce4.7/5View Product

1. FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning

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  • Weight: 2.8 pounds

Starting our list at number one we have the FIREGEAR Gun cleaning kit. It is super versatile in its usage and works well for pistols, rifles, shotguns, and all sorts of firearms. It is a universal kit and features a fantastic carrying case that puts all other cases to shame.

A multitude of barrel widths is accommodated thanks to its brass based six solid rods. It comes with a wide array of accessories but sadly no oil or cleaning solvent is included.


  • Six solid brass rods
  • Multiple accessories
  • Versatile usage
  • Solid case
  • Affordable


  • Does not come with oil or any solvent

2. Otis elite gun cleaning kit

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  • Weight: 3.5 pounds

Looking for a more professional firearm cleaning kit? We have got you covered. With the Otis elite gun cleaning kit, you will receive quality worth paying for. Featuring more than 3 dozen cleaning components and a sturdy carrying case, this kit is a prize for professionals.

It works for rifles ranging from .17 caliber to .50 caliber, pistols, and various shotguns. One of the more versatile products on the market. Perfect for inline muzzleloaders too. Since it’s a high-grade cleaning kit is quite expensive.


  • Professional grade
  • High-quality brushes
  • Three dozen cleaning elements
  • Solvent included
  • Robust carrying case.


  • Expensive

3. Hoppe’s BoreSnake

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  • Weight: 25 pounds

Maybe a professional grade product is a bit too much for you and you are looking for something that just gets the job done without much hassle. Something simple yet effective that is Hoppe’s BoreSnake rifle gun cleaning kit comes into action.

Carrying almost all the essential requirements that are enough to ensure perfect cleaning of firearms this unique kit is for people who are not into many fancy things and just like something as long as it works. It features a very soft carrying case that is easy to carry, the Hoppe’s famous #9 solvent, oil, and weather guard cloths.

We think it’s perfect for easygoing people but if you’re looking for something much higher grade and professional then you might want to look at other products.


  • Portable
  • Small
  • Includes the effective boresnake
  • Affordable


  • Might not be for people who ask for something more

4. Hoppes No. 9

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  • Weight: 2.4 ounce

The second Hoppe’s item on our list today is their No.9 Elite Cleaning kit. This kit features an abundance of liquids at such an attractive price point that it’s hard to neglect this. It includes the famous No.9 clean solution in a 2 oz bottle, a 2-ounce bottle of lubricating oil, and a 14.9 ml bottle of the precision lubricator.

The kit also includes 20 to 40 squares shaped cleaning patches. It is so versatile it works with AK-47’s to small revolvers. This kit is perfect for regular cleaning to maintain the perfect firing condition. However, it does not come with any cleaning tools so they will have to be bought separately.


  • Multiple cleaning liquids
  • Square shaped cleaning patches
  • Good price point
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Does not come with cleaning tools

5. DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Soft Sided Gun Care Case- high-quality

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  • Weight: 3.7 pounds

Do you like products that come with a lot of accessories? Then you’re going to love this DAC Winchester super deluxe soft-sided gun care case kit because it comes with a massive number of 68 tools.

It is one of the highest number of accessories for a gun kit we have featured so far. With this 18-piece board brush set, you can ensure that your gun is cleaned properly and that no debris is left behind. It is a marvel of gun cleaning technology as it makes for you your job just that much easier. Since it is such a versatile product it works well with pistols rifles shotguns you name it this kit will clean it.

Most of the brushes are bronze based making them highly sturdy and reliable for perfect use. It also features various other components such as cleaning patches and a cleaning rod.

Even with its wide variety of accessories it still does not include any lubricating oil.


  • 68 piece set
  • Weather-resistant case
  • Good quality


  • No lubricating oil included

6. Alien Company

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  • Weight: 5.7 pounds

Another professional cleaning kit on our list is the Alien company ultimate Gun cleaning kit. It is very versatile and works well with 12 and 20 gauge. It is also perfect for a .410  bore shotgun.

Its various supplies include a variety of cleaning tools making it perfect for cleaning out all sorts of debris and dirt from your firearms. It features a sturdy toolbox that includes brass slotted tips, muzzled guards, and more much more. Also included in its accessories are cleaning slabs, brushes, rods, etc. However, for some users, the number of cleaning rods is small.


  • Sturdy toolbox
  • Organized


  • Lack of many cleaning rods

7. Gloryfire

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  • Weight: 2.16 pounds

The next universal kit on the list, that works with rifles and pistols is the versatile Gloryfire gun cleaning kit. It comes with a compact case that may be small but features all sorts of needed accessories for perfect cleaning – even the lubricating oil.

It’s a high-quality product with brass and nylon plastic-based slotted tips and cleaning jags. Its lightweight case is portable yet durable so, once bought you can use it for years to come. Even though it has amazing brass based rod handles but some people expected even higher quality.


  • Various tools
  • Brass based tools
  • Portable case


  • Quality lower than expected for brass based rods

8. Remington Hunting

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  • Weight: 5 ounce

The last item for today is the Remington Hunting Cleaning and maintenance kit. It brings superior quality and great equipment to the table. It features 10 bore brushes of various lengths and diameters.

It is not a universal item, so it works best with .22 caliber pistols and 12-gauge shotguns. The kit also includes cables that are perfect for removing residues in the chambers and bores. With this kit won’t require much effort of you to clean your firearm. However, it is not suggested for prime time use.


  • Various cleaning brushes
  • Oils and lubricants included


  • Not the best for prime-time use
  • Conclusion

    We hope you will not have any trouble finding the best firearm cleaning kit with the help of this article. We made sure to include the most versatile and ideal products for you. So, no matter what product you choose, it works out perfectly.

    Please make sure to read the buyer’s guide before making a definitive choice. It will help you consider all the factors that matter and customize your choice as much as possible.


    1. How Does a Gun Cleaning Kit Work?

    There is nothing technical about a gun cleaning kit for it to work. It is just a set of tools that will aid you in cleaning your gun personally. In other words, the kit works as long as you work.

    2. Does One Gun Cleaning Kit Work For All Guns?

    It’s not very generalized. Most kits with the label “universal” work for most guns as long as it is not for some specific type.

    3. How often should a pistol be cleaned?

    The recommended time interval for gun clean up is every six months. Though it cannot assure peak performance if it has been sitting idle for quite some time.

    4. Should you oil the inside of a gun barrel?

    When in storage the inside of a gun barrel should be oiled lightly. However, this oil should be thoroughly removed before usage.

    5. Can I use motor oil to clean my gun?

    If you have no other availability then yes, you can use motor oil to clean your gun. However, it’s not recommended since motor oil is specific to combustion engines and has different lubrication characteristics.

    6. Can you clean a gun without gun oil?

    Yes, it is entirely possible to clean your gun with something other than oil. Soap water is suggested. But a gun requires lubrication which soap water won’t provide and you will have to compensate somehow so, its better to just use oil.

    You can clean your gun with just some warm soapy water. Use warm water because it will evaporate more quickly. Blackpowder shooters do it all the time. But your gun will need to be lubricated somehow to reliably function and to prevent corrosion.

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