Top 10 Best Motorcross knee brace

Motocross is a fun yet dangerous sport and can leave you with serious injuries. Knees are more prone part to get the damage when a severe accident makes a motorbike rider its prey. The best motocross knee brace are preferred by many adventurous bikers to prevent such situations.

There are some factors like protections, adjustability, cost, comfort, etc. that should be gone through before making a purchase. Scrolling down will lead you to the buying guide you need to know before spend some bucks.

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POD Unisex-Adult K4

☞ Lightweight
☞ 3 frame sizes
☞ Customizable for all leg sizes

Things to consider before buying

Kinds of Knee Braces

  • There are four different kinds of knee braces that are designed for different injuries. These kinds includes prophylactic, functional, rehabilitative and patellodemoral.
  • Patellofemoral

    This knee brace helps the kneecaps to move properly and smoothly over the joint of knee.

  • Functional

    It provides the support to the injured knee for the movement.

  • Prophlactic

    These kind of braces are designed to protect knee from injuries caused by sports.

  • Rehabilitative

    This knee brace prevents the knee movement during the healing process after any injury.


  • The materials used in this brace is of primary importance. They are usually made by the combination of different materials like metal, plastic, carbon fiber, nylon and 3FD foam.
  • These knee braces are designed differently and are available according to the nature of injury

Size and Adjustability

  • The knee braces are available in different size from extra small to extra-large. They are designed to fix and mend with every leg regardless of size.
  • Most of the knee braces come with the adjustable straps that provide a solid grip to your knee without slipping.
  • An adjustable knee brace is recommended to prevent the knee slipping and keeps it Intact.


  • ·Comfort is an important factor when it comes to the motocross knee brace. If it is not comfortable then it will cause trouble in not only in walking but also the blood circulation.
  • The knee braces are made up of solid materials to protect from any kind of impact, but the insides need to be cushiony and soft. Good quality knee braces are costly because of the quality and manufacturing.
  • Also, good quality moto x knee braces are lightweight and breathable.  They allow good ventilation and have good moisture wicking which is vital for a comfortable ride.

Our 10 Best Motorcross knee brace

POD Unisex-Adult K4☞ Lightweight
☞ 3 frame sizes
☞ Customizable for all leg sizes
2/5View Product
POD Unisex-Adult K300☞ Removable Impact Panel
☞ Carbon fiber frames
☞ Transfers force from ligament
View Product
Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon☞ 3 point force distribution system
☞ Medically Certified
☞ Perfect for preventing ACL
4.5/5View Product
POD Unisex-Adult K8☞ Lightweight
☞ Excellent quality Strap pads
☞ Zero pressure point
3/5View Product
Hinged Knee Brace: Shock Doctor☞ Very affordable
☞ Airflow vents
☞ Antimicrobial materials
4.2/5View Product
EVS Sports EPIC-K-L☞ Perfect for all types of fittings
☞ Dual defense patella guard
☞ Durable
3.6/5View Product
EVS Sports Web Pro Knee Brace☞ Adjust to natural controls
☞ Dual wall carbon fiber frame
☞ Durable
5/5View Product
EVS Sports SX02 Knee Brace☞ Very Cheap
☞ Lightweight
☞ Knee cup is removable
2.8/5View Product
Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace☞ CE certified
☞ Superior quality
☞ Medically Certified
3.5/5View Product
EVS Sports Axis Knee Brace☞ Perfect to fit across all knees
☞ Light weight construction
☞ Nylon injected cuffs
3.7/5View Product

1. POD Unisex-Adult K4

Check Price On Amazon

  • Lightweight
  • 3 frame sizes
  • Customizable for all leg sizes
  • Interchangeable modular parts
  • 12 month-warranty
  • Glass reinforced polymer frame
  • Superior performance
  • Price is very high

Pod k4 has the ability to add or remove the impact guards easily. It allows you to adjust this brace to most of the knees. It provides superior multi-support and adapts to different type of sports.

Moreover, it is flexible enough to adjust to different types of legs just by adjusting the straps for a tight and secure fit. The hinge spacers also work well for this purpose. With a 25 degree extension, it provides extra comfort and good knee protection.

Customer reviews

Customers have rated this product high due to its high end and superior multi support. Customers loved the interchangeable modular parts.

2. POD Unisex-Adult K300

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  • Removable Impact Panel
  • Carbon fiber frames
  • Transfers force from ligament
  • Multi-sport performance
  • None

The POD K8 brace creates an alternate load path and distributes the forces evenly away from the ligaments and transfers it to the stronger part of the leg. Thus it provides additional protection and increased stability. It is also shown to be extremely effective in relieving fatigue and provides good support in intense athletic activities as well.

This is one of those dirt bike knee pads which is designed for performance and comfort. It adapts to different knees and can be used in different sports. This carbon fiber knee brace is very lightweight with a carbon fiber frame build and modular components so that you can add and remove components according to your needs.

Customer reviews

Loved by many customers, this great quality brace is preferred because of its precise fitting and the fact that it allows natural movement.

3. Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon

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  • 3 point force distribution system
  • Medically Certified
  • Perfect for preventing ACL, Meniscus and MCL
  • None

What we really loved about the Leatt C-Frame Knee Brace is that it reduces the forces very effectively and prevents motocross riders from many injuries such as ACL and MCL.

This is achieved by the 3 point force distributing system. It has a Carbon frame construction and offers optimum protection against injuries as compared to the other cage design braces.

The chassis provides high protection to your tibia and femur bone. It is medically approved as it is manufactured keeping in mind the industry standards and is tested by many labs.

Customer reviews

This brace is rated high as it is comfortable to wear and provides natural movement.

4. POD Unisex-Adult K8

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  • Lightweight
  • Excellent quality Strap pads
  • Zero pressure point
  • Excellent moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Low profile design
  • Medically approved
  • None

This brace falls somewhere in between the low end and high-end range. You can say that it is a budget-oriented quality knee brace. The brace is built for reducing injuries to your knees and ligaments. It also incorporates artificial synthetic ligaments that mimic the natural motion of legs. And if you don’t like it, you can also replace it if you need to. It has zero pressure points and offers a large comfort level. The moisture-wicking liners are extremely breathable and the straps secure it to your knees.

You can also adjust the extension up to 25 degrees. Also, you can move the cuffs and padding so when your child is growing, you can adjust the pad accordingly.

Customer reviews

Rated as the best budget knee protection for youth.

5. Hinged Knee Brace: Shock Doctor

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  • Very affordable
  • Airflow vents for adequate ventilation
  • Antimicrobial materials
  • Premium quality build
  • Pre-curved design
  • High quality bilateral dual hinges
  • May not fit all knee types

You can confidently rebuild yourself by wearing this hinged knee brace. If you have injured knees, this knee brace will help you build your confidence again. It has high compression and provides support to your tissues.

This also helps in realigning your joints and provides relief from soaring pain. It is also effective in treatments as it improves blood flow by providing heat boost and heals your tendons and muscles.

The brace is made up of high-quality fabric which is latex-free. It has side stabilizers for added fitting accuracy. In addition to its comfortable fit, it comes with anti-microbial properties with amazing ventilation and design which reduces the overgrowth of bacteria owing to moisture and will keep you comfy during your rides.

Customer reviews

Based on reviews from many customer reviews, this product is rated highly for its ability to heal injured knees and its effectiveness in treatments that fasten the recovery process.

6. EVS Sports EPIC-K-L

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  • Perfect for all types of fittings
  • Dual defense patella guard
  • Durable
  • High quality materials
  • none

This knee brace is your everyday leg protection and support. By wearing this brace you will have peace of mind. It comes with adjustable hyperextension lockouts which will provide great protection against injuries.

The true motion 2.0 automatically support the lower body movement by correcting the hinges. The high-quality fit liner also keeps your legs comfortable, cool, and moist.

Customer reviews

Many customers have rated this brace to be highly effective after an injured knee.

7. EVS Sports Web Pro Knee Brace

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  • Adjust to natural controls and provides natural motion
  • Dual wall carbon fiber frame
  • Durable
  • Good ventilation
  • none

It is the lightest yet one of the strongest knee braces available in the market. This knee brace is made up of industry-grade twin wall carbon fiber frame which increases the durability and strength of the frame. It features true motion 3.0 that adjusts to the natural contours of your knee and mimics the natural motion of the joints. Thanks to the stainless steel and aluminum components, it also has an increased strength.

Customer reviews

This knee brace is rated 5 stars on amazon due to its high-end quality build.

8. EVS Sports SX02 Knee Brace

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  • Very Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Knee cup is removable
  • 4 high quality compression straps
  • 15 degree flex
  • Made with breathable airprene
  • none

These moto x knee pads are designed primarily for professional motocross riders and athletes. It features a lightweight design with a very breathable fabric which is made possible due to the high-quality construction.

The industrial-grade aluminum hinges are supported by 4 compression straps. It can be flexed up to 15 degrees and also includes a modular knee cup.

Customer reviews

As all other EVS products, this knee brace is preferred by many athletes due to its high-quality protection and knee support.

9. Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace

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  • CE certified
  • Superior quality
  • Medically Certified
  • High-quality fitting strap
  • Injected carbon fiber
  • May not fit all knee sizes
  • A little expensive for its quality

If you want a knee brace with an innovative design and versatile features, then this is the brace for you. The brace is made up of high quality injected carbon with a sturdy construction.

It is effective in limiting knee injuries. The extension is rated to go from 5 to 20 degrees which is excellent in our opinion.

Customer reviews

Serving as an impact guard and a medically certified treatment, this knee brace has a pretty decent rating at amazon.

10. EVS Sports Axis Knee Brace

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  • Perfect to fit across all knees
  • Light weight construction
  • Nylon injected cuffs with reinforced nylon
  • Tru-Motion 2.0
  • none

This one of EVS’s highest quality braces. Featuring an aluminum injected brace with reinforced cuffs, it fits nicely on any type of knee because of its hyper extension lockouts while protecting you from injuries.

Made from a hybrid 3DF foam, this knee brace makes sure that you stay comfortable during your ride. It is also CE certified, so you can be sure of the performance of this quality knee brace.

Customer reviews

A highly rated product for its quality fabric and high knee control with additional support.


This article aims to provide you with the best selling high-quality motocross knee braces.  We know as a rider it is important to select a high-quality brace for the protection of your knee, so in these motocross knee braces reviews, we have included the best motocross knee guards from the best knee braces brands. Do check out our buying guide before choosing a brace for yourself.

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