Best Smartwatch For 10 Year Old- Buying Guide 2021

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Technology has become the future and smartwatches are no more accessory but a necessity to some. A smartwatch offers a lot of convenience, multiple applications, and gaming. For your children, it is appropriate to choose a smartwatch a line between a practical and a toy watch.

We have prepared a list of the best smartwatch for 10 year old based on the performance and features like GPS tracker, fitness tracker, gaming, two-way communication, durability, and whatnot!

A Buying Guide To The Best Smartwatch For 10 Year Old

Choosing the best smartwatch for 10 year old is pretty easy by comparing some significant factors including GPS tracker, age appropriateness, two-way communication, SOS button, parental control, games, durability, battery life, fitness tracker, feasibility to use, waterproof nature, design, and type of watch.

GPS Tracker

  • A smartwatch with a built-in GPS tracker helps you in keeping a track of your child. This global positioning system determines the movement and location.
  • Built-in GPS trackers in a smartwatch perform various functions including sleep tracking, monitoring heart rate, counting your number of steps, and responding to your text messages and calls.
  • To operate a GPS tracker on your smartwatch, you need to insert a SIM card to connect the smartwatch to your phone.
  • GPS tracking system of a smartwatch helps you in geo-fencing and so you can set a fence for the user and it will give alarms if the user goes beyond the limit.

SOS Button

  • SOS button is significant in a smartwatch for children as it is an eCall system that automatically informs the emergency services if you get involved in any kind of accident.
  • The SOS button is interlined with the GPS tracker and if this button is pressed, the 24/7 active monitoring station will get the notification and receive the location of the device. The watch also sends notifications to added contact numbers.

Buildup Material

  • In the buildup of smartwatches, many modern materials are used including plastic and alloy metals.
  • Either plastic or metal is used in the manufacturing of cases. Smartwatches having cases of metal, mostly offers stainless steel backing.
  • When it comes to microchips, they are typically made of silicon. LEDs are designed of usually gallium arsenide, gallium arsenide phosphide, or gallium phosphide and LCDs are of liquid crystals that is filled between glass pieces.
  • A typical material that is used for the wristband is non-toxic silicone, which is delicate and comfortable to wear.

Fitness Tracker

  • Smartwatches must-have fitness features incorporating a pedometer, sleep tracker, and active minutes. A fitness tracker helps children in being more active and health-conscious.
  • An equipped fitness tracker monitors fitness-related metrics including calories’ consumption, distanced walked, heartbeat, exercises’ mode, weight loss or gain, speed, and whatnot.
  • Users can track their progress via an application or online.

Two-Way Communication

  • Two-way communication in smartwatches transforms it into a mini phonebook. You need a SIM card to utilize this feature.
  • A few models permit you to choose numbers to call and blocking. Most of them answer consequently when you call, keeping your children from declining.
  • Camera
  • Generally, the camera feature is included in every GPS smartwatch but does not incorporate into safety benefits.
  • Some devices offer built-in memory and others come with a slot for a microSD card.


  • Look for smartwatches that use GPS, not simply LBS, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Bluetooth, specifically, is genuinely futile for tracking since it has a particularly short-range.
  • There are various techniques for distinguishing an area, which can make the reading more exact.


  • The wristband must be strong, so ensure it is appended safely, and the material is solid.
  • Look for smartwatches that have waterproof materials and impact-absorbing casing to enhance durability.

Games & Apps

  • Most smartwatches for children do have a couple of pre-installed games, and some offer downloads.

Battery Life

  • Generally, the smartwatch works for around 1 to 2 days.
  • The Connection Alerts option under the settings can cause an enormous drain on the battery because of high utilization for the setting with no genuine functionality. In this way, it is prescribed to turn off

    this feature.


Ease Of Use

  • The watch should be easy to operate and so look for large screens and friendly buttons.
  • A wide wristband is simple for kids to control.

Top 5 Best Smartwatch For 10 Year Old

Considering the performance and easier maneuverability, we have assembled the top 5 best smartwatch for 10 year old. These smartwatches are the best in functionality, durability, affordability, and construction.

ImageNameCheck Price
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Digital and analog interface
Offers camera app
3 action activities
View Product
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Features 3 fun activities
Offers 5 games
Includes 3 action challenges
View Product
Prograce Kids Smartwatch

Offer built-in games
Has FM radio
1.54 inches IPS touch screen
View Product
Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids

Keeps the track of steps
Has showerproof tracker
Offers adjustable wristband
View Product
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Waterproof wristband
Includes battery
Offers free games
View Product

1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • Features 36-star wars themed clock faces
  • Digital and analog interface
  • Offers camera app
  • Provides memory of 1600 pictures
  • 3 action activities of motion detectors
  • Triggers lightsaber sound effect
  • Offer 3 built-in games

This best smartwatch for 10 year old with GPS from VTech is a decent pick for your children. This smartwatch is suggested for children of 5 to 9 years. This smartwatch is prepared to wander into a world far away. It has a BB-8-themed wrist band and considerably more Star Wars treats within. With different sound and photograph impacts, your children will love. The smartwatch can set aside 1,600 pictures or 11 one-minute recordings.

Other than taking fun photographs, the watch has an implicit motion sensor, which triggers Star Wars-themed audio effects. Whenever your children swing their arms, it seems like a lightsaber, spaceship, or droid making them feel like a Jedi Master. The camera is situated in an awkward position and it is not reasonable for taking selfies, and for the best point, you would need to eliminate it from the wrist.

There are additionally helpful capacities for children in school, similar to a morning alarm and schedule. The check shows time in the AM and PM design. With 30 Star Wars-motivated plans to look over, your children can tweak their watch. There is additionally a voice recorder with voice-evolving impacts, so your little one can seem like a cosmic local.

Customer’s Review

The price worth the money without a doubt! The watch is not difficult to work and charge. The children use it to set their morning school alarms and monitor time. They even set the clock to ensure they brush their teeth for 2 minutes. The watch doesn’t interface with a cell or web so that makes it pretty fundamental and for children that is awesome. The games included in it are non-violent. The children additionally like that you can take pictures with an assortment of Star Wars character foundations. It additionally records their voice and they can play it back in an ordinary voice, chipmunk voice, droid voice, Kylo Ren voice, slow-motion voice, and reverberation.

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

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Key Features

  • Features 3 fun activities
  • Offers 5 games
  • Includes 3 action challenges
  • Equipped with a motion sensor
  • Features cam with photo effects
  • Digital and analog setup
  • Offers 50 plus clock face designs
  • Includes micro USB cable

If you are looking for the best smartwatch for kids 2021, this is it. A few children love taking photographs, so for them, a watch like this will be valued. The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX offers a standout amongst other camera capacities’ smartwatches. It offers multiple features including a morning timer, clock, and a schedule. This permits the user to take some control, which can help children feel autonomous.

The VTech camera is extraordinary. The camera offers fair quality and has a choice to add distinctive photograph impacts. It can likewise make recordings and sound, and it includes a great voice-evolving impact. The watch has fair storage to store your data. In any case, it is ideal to transfer your information records to a PC via the included USB connection for nonstop use. The watch waterproof, so your children can without much of a stretch play in the rain or get sweat-soaked while wearing it.

There are activities that are followed by an equipped motion sensor. It is an extraordinary watch for children of 10 years. Also, it incorporates a few designs for the simple clock. Users can redo the look with roughly 50 displays to browse. This watch offers five games just as three exercises and three activity challenges. The watch has an underlying motion sensor to record the user’s advancement.

Customer’s Review

I have needed to restrict the amount of time they spend on them as they appear to zone the world out while playing on them. Notwithstanding, it packs a ton of little features that kids truly discover fun. My main thing and the children are the fitness games on the watch. The little folks struggle to accomplish their objectives. It will check your means and movement during a game and mention to you what sort of a creature you resemble.

3. Prograce Kids Smartwatch

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Key Features

  • Comes with 1.54 inches IPS touch screen
  • Offer built-in games
  • Has 90 degrees rotatable camera
  • Has FM radio, flashlight, and pedometer
  • Has a built-in fitness tracker
  • Comes with a motion sensor

If you are looking forward to buying the best smartwatch for 10 year old kid, we suggest viewing this watch from Prograce. It is an incredible watch, loaded down with amazing features. It is reasonable for kids up to 12 years. The camera included can rotate around 90 degrees, permitting the user to take selfies or photographs from the front. It is not difficult to change the point, yet you will require a miniature SD card to save the pictures.

With the watch, the wearer can monitor the number of steps they require each day. While they are strolling, they can tune in to their favorite music or the FM radio. Because of a headphone port, you will not get upset. With four pre-installed games, your little buddy will have heaps of fun. The games incorporate Whac-A-Mole, Welcome the God of Wealth, Ninja Run Online, and Brave Money. The watch has a touch screen, so getting to and playing the games is simple.

There are games, a rotatable camera, and even an electric lamp. The plan is exceptional, as well — with an enormous touch screen and a splendid lash, it is an eye-catcher. The watch can just show 24-hour time, and not 12-hour. It is more modest ones may think that it is difficult to sort out.

Customer’s Review

It is an incredible Smartwatch for children. I bought it as a birthday present for my 5 years old niece, who loves it and was flaunting the games to her friends. The watch has bunches of cool highlights and was prepared to play straight out of the crate. No requirement for downloading games and applications to begin like with past tablets bought. It additionally has a camera and a few games to play with.

4. Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids

Key Features

  • Keeps the track of steps
  • Has showerproof tracker
  • Offers adjustable wristband
  • The battery runs up to 5 to 6 days
  • Operating temperature is -10° to 45° C

If you want to buy the Best Smartwatch for Kids In 2021, it could be the best choice. Smartwatches play out a wide range of specifications, however, some are intended to do one thing especially well. It bodes well that Fitbit has cornered the market on children’s fitness trackers, displayed on similar uncontrollably famous wearable gadgets for children.

The Fitbit Ace does nothing new we have generally expected in fitness tracking, from checking steps to observing rest designs. It likewise tailors messages and uses competitors to empower kids, notwithstanding adjusting to family Fitbit accounts and different iOS and Android gadgets. Being showerproof and durable, this is one of the stronger wearable gadgets for children you will experience.

Fitbit Ace is not GPS proficient and does not offer such a two-way communication or informing. While it is an astounding fitness tracker for youngsters who need to get up and get going, it doesn’t go a stage past to offer any extra parental control.

Customer’s Review

We consistently experience difficulty getting it to auto-adjust. We have Googled for help and it appears to be the lone route around it is to plug it into the USB and turn it off (press button on charger multiple times), at that point it reboots, at which time it will match up. In any case like it and it is effective at propelling my kid to be more dynamic. Note that the band that accompanies it is excessively little for my 11 years of age. Fits better on my 6 years of age.

5. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • Children-friendly design
  • Waterproof wristband
  • Quality pictures and recordings
  • Includes motion sensor
  • Includes active play challenges
  • Has pedometer and sound effects
  • Includes battery
  • Offers free games

Last but not least, VTech comprehends that kids just wanna have a great time, so its smartwatch expects to give precisely that. While you will not discover a GPS tracker or two-way communication works, this moderate smartwatch is basically a small-scale gaming gadget, stuffed with instructive exercises and connection to keep little ones occupied.

From reading a clock to motion sensors for dynamic games and AR capacities, guardians will value the built-in learning help. Double cameras let kids take video or specialty the ideal selfie and record quality videos. It also offers a pedometer and sound effects.

Assuming, notwithstanding, you will probably monitor your little drifter or have a fast visit about who to expect to get after school, this smartwatch is not intended to address those issues. Additionally, be cautioned that while it is waterproof, VTech is ultimately durable. So, overall, it is the best purchase you can make.

Customer’s Review

If you’re searching for a fabulous present for a child who doesn’t actually play with toys, look no further! I bought this for my 8yr old grandson. I have stuck in a dilemma attempting to locate an incredible Xmas present for this kid of mine. I did bunches of online exploration and watched huge loads of reviews for this watch and chose to try it out. My grandson loved it! He has his decision of gaming, photography, audio effects, voice transformer, and then some! This is incredible, and despite the fact that it doesn’t approach the Internet directly, a fast attachment into a tablet or work area/PC and you can download more games.


Smartwatches have grown into popularity among kids too and buying the best one is not that difficult if you consider the significant factors including durability, easier operation, accessibility, buildup material, affordability, fitness feature, and GPS tracking system. In our recommendation, the best smartwatch for 10 year old is VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch. This smartwatch is of utmost perfect in every aspect, yet you can rely on the other items mentioned above as every watch is enlisted by comparing important features.


Which is the best smartwatch for fitness?

As fitness features are the most significant in a smartwatch, so, in our recommendation, VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch fulfills all the requirements you might be looking for in a watch. It offers multiple features including three action activities of the motion detector. You can monitor distance walked, heartbeat, sleep tracking, and much more with this smartwatch for 10 year old kids.

Do I need a SIM card for my child’s smartwatch?

SIM cards are one of the subtle, significant expenses of a child’s smartwatches. Much the same as your cell phone, your kid’s smartwatch will require a SIM card to interface with the network and get information. If the smartwatch has a two-way calling and GPS tracking system, it will additionally need help from a versatile network that normally includes a call plan and supporting information expenses.

Is a smartwatch really worth it?

Perhaps the most convincing reason a smartwatch is justified, despite all the trouble is to help improve and keep up your health. Numerous smartwatches are advertised as cutting-edge fitness trackers as opposed to smartwatches. This is presumably quite possibly the most significant and pragmatic motivation to get one. So, yes, a smartwatch is really worth it.

Does a smartwatch have to be on the same network as the smartphone?

No. While you should ensure some smartwatches are associated with the network by means of a SIM card and are sponsored up by a mobile supplier, it is a bit much that it be a similar cell network you at present use for your cell phone. Parental control for youngsters’ wearable gadgets and smartwatches is generally done through an application that you can download and match up to your cellphone.

Can a smartwatch be hacked?

As indicated by research by a group of security specialists at Sophos, it is totally workable for smartwatches to be hacked. As one model, programmers had the option to distantly get to the watch’s GPS tracker and modify its topographical area, persuading their kid was in an area they really were not.


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