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Flush clean your Tankless water heater with the best tankless water heater cleaning kit

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What is our best friend during the harsh winter days? A heater, that is correct! But aren’t we all tired of carrying the tank-style heaters? Exactly why tankless heaters have gained massive popularity over the years and we are all for it. But maintaining a tankless heater can be a difficult task. Not to worry though, because we know the best tankless water heater cleaning kits that will make your job just that more convenient.

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My Plumbingstuff Flushing

☞Weight: 14.5 Pounds
☞Hose Length: 5 feet
☞Size: 15.3 x 14.4 x 14.4 inches
☞Bucket Capacity: 5 gallon

With these cleaning kits, you never have to worry about maintaining your tankless heater ever again. Take a look for yourself!

What to contemplate before buying a tankless heater cleaning kit?

There are a few things one should be aware of before deciding on buying a cleaning kit for tankless heaters. We have mentioned them below for your ease. So, make sure to read them before you head into the product list.

The size of your household needs

Size surely matters when it comes to buying a cleaning kit. What is the right fit for your product or your house, size plays a key role in it? There are many things to consider such as storage, so its better to be aware of the size of your household needs. On all tankless heater cleaning kit, sizes are mentioned. You just have to know what you are looking for.

Minimum flow rate

At any given moment, around half a gallon of water progresses through the heating system, towards the heated water. This is known as the minimum flow rate.

The best tankless water heater needs a base progression of water around half of a gallon for each moment through the heating system to the warmed water which is heated.

Gas sizing information

Most tankless heaters come with manuals. Upon reading one you will find the gas sizing information. This will help you understand the size of your requirements.

Comes with the Right Parts

To know what your tankless heater cleaning kit entails is crucial. You need to consider what parts are included in the kit beforehand so, nothing important is missing when you get cleaning. A cleaning kit will come with a bucket having a capacity somewhere between three to five gallons.

The bucket is used to hold the cleaning solution which could be anything specialized or maybe just white vinegar. The second thing a cleaning kit should entail is a submersible pump. This pump is inundated in the bucket for circulating the cleaning solution throughout the heater.

The last thing that is important and should be part of a kit is hoses. There must be two and each should be at least 5 feet long.

These items can be bought separately but whether or not they fit with the unit or each other – that’s a separate story. It would be much more convenient if your kit comes with all of these or at least some of these.

Can Be Used on All Types of Units

A great advantage of cleaning could be versatility. In terms of the kit, it should be universal. Meaning it can work with any type of model. Whether it is a gas-fueled or electricity-powered tankless heater, a universal heater will work just fine with it.

Safe to use

Since a cleaning kit will work with the internals of your tankless heater it is important to use one that is safe for it. The perfect kit will neither harm you or your heater. The best one would be a kit that comes with a descaling solution. This ensures that the heater remains safe to use after flushing due to its non-acidic nature.

Performance Increase

For the perfect performance, the tankless heater cleaning kit should have a strong pump cycle, a five-gallon tank, and a long hose. These three components will define the performance of your kit and in turn the performance of your tankless heater.

List of the greatest 7 tankless heaters cleaning kits

My Plumbingstuff Flushing☞Weight: 14.5 Pounds
☞Hose Length: 5 feet
☞Size: 15.3 x 14.4 x 14.4 inches
4.9/5View Product
J.C. Whitlam FLOW-KIT☞Weight: 8.6 Pounds
☞Hose Length: 5 feet
☞Size: 15 x 10 x 15 inches
4,7.5View Product
Kelaro Tankless Water Heater☞Weight: 16 Pounds
☞Hose Length: 6 Feet
☞Size: 12″ x 12″ x 12″
4,6/5View Product
Eccotemp EZ-Flush System☞Weight: 8 Pounds☞Hose Length: 5 Feet
☞Size: 13.75 x 11 x 9.25 inches
Bucket Capacity: gallon
4,8/5View Product
Rheem RTG20124 Flush KitWeight: 13.35 Pounds
Hose Length: 5 Feet
Size: 15.4″ x 12.7″ x 12.4″
4.9/5View Product
Whitlam Flow-Aide☞Weight: 16 Pounds Hose
☞Length: 5 feet
Size: 12″ x 16″ x 12″
4.6/5View Product
Hercules Haymaker☞Weight: 10.5 Pounds
☞Hose Length: 5 Feet
☞Size: 12 x 12 x 10.75 inches
4.7/5View Product

1. My Plumbingstuff Flushing – best tankless water heater cleaning kit

First time buying a cleaning kit? Then you need something quick to set up and easy to use. Introducing the My Plumbingstuff Flushing Kit. This kit entails the perfect 5-gallon bucket made from first-grade plastic for durability.

Part of its components is 2 five-foot hoses that connect easily to the valves. The “ports” on these hoses allow connecting to pipes with disconnecting the unit. A Zoeller floor sucker pump is included in the set for full or partial submersion.

A strong yet environment-friendly descaler solution is part of the set too. It comes with an instruction manual but it is not as detailed. Some users felt it was missing some crucial steps and they had to look up tutorials online for its installation.

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Key Features

  • Weight: 14.5 Pounds
  • Hose Length: 5 feet
  • Size: 15.3 x 14.4 x 14.4 inches
    Bucket Capacity: 5 gallon


  • Sizable Bucket
  • Robust Pump
  • Convenient hoses

32 ounces of Descaling Solution included


  • Missing steps and lack of detail in the instruction manual

2. J.C. Whitlam FLOW-KIT Flow-Aide System Descaler Kit- top flush cleaner for water heater

The next item on our list is the J.C. Whitlam FLOW-KITA Flow-Aide system descaler kit. This descaler is nontoxic, which is an important thing since you will be working with the solution closely. It does a good job of clearing up most of the build-up and restore the heater to its initial condition.

It includes all the necessary items: a bucket, 2 rubber hoses, and a pump. However, most people had nothing good to say about the hoses. Since they are made out of rubber, they are weak and break easily. Many users experienced leakage too. Besides the bucket size is fairly small and might not be suitable for a lot of users.

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Key Features

  • Weight: 8.6 Pounds
  • Hose Length: 5 feet
  • Size: 15 x 10 x 15 inches
    Bucket Capacity: 3.5 gallon


  • Non-toxic solvent
  • Strong pump


  • Rubber hoses
  • 3. Kelaro Tankless Water Heater Flushing Kit with Rectorseal Calci-Free

    A more budget-friendly option our list in the Kelaro Tankless Water heater flushing kit. It is a suitable do-it-at-home kit that will not empty your pockets. Though some users experienced a lack of power form this product.

    We think for the price point it is sufficient and provides enough power to get rid of all sorts of deposits and refresh your heater. Its simple to use and you can get done quickly leaving you with some free time for yourself. Still, if you insist on a stronger model we recommend checking out other kits on this list.

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    Key Features

    • Weight: 16 Pounds
    • Hose Length: 6 Feet
    • Size: 12″ x 12″ x 12″
    • Bucket Capacity: 3.5 gallon


    • All items included
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Good lifetime


    • Not as powerful

    4. Eccotemp EZ-Flush System Descaler Kit- top-selling tankless water heater cleaning kit

    The Eccotemp EZ-Flush Descaler kit comes with a 2-in-1 bucket-pump system. Its bucket acts as a pump and has the capability to flush three hundred and fifty gallons per hour. The main advantage of this product is its self-containment.

    The bucket that acts as its biggest advantage is also its biggest weakness since, its not as durable. We have all seen those 2-in-1 shampoos plus conditioner adverts and we know they never work! The EZ-Flush isn’t as horrible but still, it takes a toll on the longevity of the product.

    Eccotemp includes its biodegradable solution in the kit and claims that it is suitable for only Eccotemp made heaters so, it’s not universal at all. However, you could check with your heater manufacturers and ask if this solvent might work.

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    Key Features

    • Weight: 8 Pounds
    • Hose Length: 5 Feet
    • Size: 13.75 x 11 x 9.25 inches

    Bucket Capacity: gallon


    • Self-contained
    • All equipment included


    • Not durable
    • Not as cost-efficient

    5. Rheem RTG20124 Flush Kit – Tankless Water Heater Flush Kit

    Most of us don’t have a knack for complicated things and especially not the time for it either. Complicated or long instructions can be such a hassle but thankfully, the Rheem RTG20124 doesn’t bore you with their easy to follow instruction manual.

    It comes with a 5-gallon bucket, 2 hoses, and 1 pump which is pretty much the standard for all similar kits. It does not include a solvent however, it works just fine with white vinegar. It is not the lack of solvent that’s the problem it’s the nasty rubber hoses.

    Many users were annoyed at the quality and material of these hoses since they seemed similar to washing machine pipes. It is over-priced for such tacky hoses.

    Check Price On Amazon

    Key Features

    • Weight: 13.35 Pounds
    • Hose Length: 5 Feet
    • Size: 15.4″ x 12.7″ x 12.4″

    Bucket Capacity: 5 gallon


    • Straightforward Instructions
    • Easy connection
    • Sizable Bucket
    • Designed to work with white vinegar


    • Overpriced
    • Tacky rubber hoses

    6. Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler PLUS Kit for water heater

    Sometimes it is better to invest in something multipurpose. This way you save space in your home and money in your pockets. We think the Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler PLUS is a suitable option for that. It is a multi-purpose cleaning kit that will work with your tankless heater as well as with some other appliances such as heat exchangers, vacuum pumps, and ice machines.

    It includes the basic accessories: 2 hoses, a bucket, and a pump. However, the bucket is much smaller than its competitors at only 3.5 gallons. Since the bucket is small the pump is small too, made to fit well inside the bucket. The hoses are rubber-based so, you know they aren’t durable and will cause problems. The only great thing about this kit apart from its versatility is the pump. It’s a 350 GPH pump meaning it can work with the flow of 350 gallons per hour. That’s a lot.

    It also includes a strong descaler which is environment friendly.

    Check Price On Amazon

    Key Features

    • Weight: 16 Pounds
    • Hose Length: 5 feet
    • Size: 12″ x 16″ x 12″

    Bucket Capacity: 3.5 gallon


    • 32 ounces of Descaler included
    • 350 GP Pump
    • Versatile usage

    Strong and environment-friendly descaler


    • Rubber hoses
    • Small bucket

    7. Hercules Haymaker High-quality Tankless Water Heater Cleaning Kit

    Inheriting the strengths of the Greek God it is named after, the Hercules Haymaker Tankless water cleaning kit is a sturdy piece of equipment. It includes all the standard equipment: 2 hoses, 1 pump, 1 bucket, and a non-corrosive, citric bases solvent.

    Its bucket is fairly small as compared to only 3.5 gallons. And the hosses require a second washer each to function. Plus, it is way overpriced as compared to its competitors.

    Check Price On Amazon

    Key Features

    • Weight: 10.5 Pounds
    • Hose Length: 5 Feet
    • Size: 12 x 12 x 10.75 inches
    • Bucket Capacity: 3.5 gallon


    • All necessary equipment is added
    • Powerful pump


    • Pricey
    • Hoses require second washers to function


    We reviewed all the products honestly and in detail so, you won’t experience any issues when you buy the perfect tankless heater cleaning kit that fits your needs. Remember to check out all the necessary components beforehand and make sure the kit you buy is a universal product or compatible with your heater.

    We are definite, that you will surely find your perfect match amongst one of the kits mentioned above.


    1. 1. How often should you flush tankless water heater?

    Tankless heaters should be flushed once every year. In the case of hard water, you will need to do this every six months. Owning a cleaning kit will surely make things easier for you.

    1. 2. Do Electric tankless water heaters need to be descaled?

    Yes, with continuous usage there are loads of limescale build-up. Descaling will renew the performance of your tankless heater.

    1. 3. Can I use vinegar to flush my tankless water heater?

    Yes, white vinegar can be used as a cleaning solvent. However, in some cases, it may not be as strong as a descaler solution. Especially if the water contains loads of calcium. Vinegar is a rather cost-efficient option but only do this if you really have to.

    1. 4. Do tankless water heaters need a filter?

    Not necessarily but of course its an added protection and will be an advantage. However, depending upon the type of filter being used, you will still need to clean your heater.

    1. 5. What maintenance is required for a tankless water heater?

    Tankless water heaters cannot survive without maintenance. For these to function effectively they should be maintained at least once a year. Sometimes even every six months if constantly utilizing high heat on hard water.

    1. 6. What is the downside of a tankless water heater?

    The major downside of a tankless water heater over a normal heater is the cost. Tankless heaters are more expensive and thus it is crucial to maintain them well. Another issue is with size, smaller tankless heaters won’t be able to provide much hot water.

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