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Top 6 Best Walkers for Baby Learning to Walk – Buying Guide 2020

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So your baby’s responding to your calls, has even started crawling what’s next? Walking, of course! Every parent wants to see their crawling baby transition safely to the toddler league. They want their baby to develop balance, coordination and motor skills as early as possible. Walking aids for babies such as a walker prove beneficial in harnessing the requisite skills required by babies. In fact, Walkers have become the ‘Go to’ necessity for every household. Those teeny tiny steps need a reliable helper, something that can be comfortable and durable for your baby. So we have come up with the best walkers for baby learning to walk that will perfectly fit your demanding toddler preference.

Uncles, aunties and grandparents who have to attend a baby’s birthday and don’t know what to buy as a gift your prayers have been answered too. We have reviewed the best walkers available in the market and even answered your queries to help you choose the most cost effective and appropriate walker which you can gift to your friends and loved ones.

The most frequently asked question is “Which walker is best for baby?” So, to assist you we have summarized the best rated walkers for babies on Amazon and our team has reviewed mostly walkers that are Amazon’s choice.

Safety 1st Dino Sounds n Lights Discovery Baby walker

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Fisher Price Learn with me Zebra Walker
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Kolcraft tiny steps 2 in 1 activity walker

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VTECH Sit, Stand and Ride Baby Walker

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Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal

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Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker

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Top 6 Best Walkers for Baby Learning to Walk

1. Safety 1st Dino Sounds n Lights Discovery Baby walker with Activity TraySafety 1st Dino Sounds n Lights Discovery Baby walker

To make your child’s first steps easy, fun and memorable then Dino Sounds n Lights Discovery Baby walker is the one you are eyeing for. This Dino walker is specially designed with sound, light, music, toys with a dinosaur theme thus giving your baby room for exploring and play while roaming about. The walker has toys for babies learning to walk that stimulate your baby’s motor senses. Safety 1st Dino walker comes with five charming toys that spin, rattle, crinkle and light up.

Also 12 songs play in the background to entertain your little bundle of joy. The Dino walker has two swing open activity trays to make a larger tray so that you can keep you little one busy during snack time or playtime. Moreover, its height can be adjusted in three positions which will help as your baby’s height grows. This best baby walker for carpet or bare floors will keep your baby safe by reducing movement on uneven surface as it has grip strips near the four strong wheels.

Safety 1st Dino walker is Amazon’s best sellers walk and play activity walker. It is perfect for parents who want their peace of mind by worrying less about child safety and enjoy more memorable moments of their baby’s first steps.


  • Travel friendly and easy to store
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • It has washable padded seat
  • Easy to clean and wipe snack tray


  • Cannot carry 31 pounds weight

2. Fisher Price Learn with me Zebra WalkerFisher Price Learn with me Zebra Walker

Our next choice for the best walker for baby learning to walk is Fisher Price Zebra Walker.  For encouraging your child to take his or her first step this walker is the one for you to definitely consider. Zebra Walker comes with special features such as spin, flip, roll and twist, which we think are amazing activities for your little one to explore and sharpens the motor skills. This walker will turn out to be your baby’s first best buddy with whom he or she will learn ABC’s and 123’s just by dabbing sing along songs and phrases.

Your baby will love observing the animal pictures on the book by turning the pages thus self-discovering the finger activities. The Zebra walker is recommended for 6months- 5 years old babies, making them to polish up their motor skills by standing and walking. Your child can sit and play comfortably and hold onto to the grasp handle when the baby takes the first unsteady steps. Above all, this walker has toys for babies learning to walk; also it helps to improve the efficiency of eyes and hands of your baby.

Good news!  Mothers will sign a relief when their kids will be busy doing fun activities all day and practice their first wobble steps. Your child will ‘KEEP on Moving’ and enjoy the music and songs with his or her zebra friend by just hopping onto this life saver walker. Just to add on your information this Fisher Price Zebra walker is Amazon’s Choice and best sit to stand walker.


  • Two ways to play: sit, play, walk
  • Increases motor skills
  • Affordable
  • Colorful, attractive structure


  • Light weight plastic

3. Kolcraft tiny steps 2 in 1 activity walker

Kolcraft tiny steps 2 in 1 activity walker

Thankfully, your little one will take first wobbly steps easily with this distinguished 2 in 1 convertible designed activity walker! Interestingly, Kolcraft activity center and walker transitions from seated- walker to walk-behind walker so that it can be adjustable as your kid grow. The play tray on the walker provides toys so the walk behind toys for babies helps to develop their motor skills and give them full time enjoyment.

For easy maneuverability the front wheels of the walker are independent and can be locked or swivel.  The baby can stop the walker freely and easily due to its skid resistant friction pads. The plush seat of this activity walker is height adjustable that provides high back for added comfort and support so that the soft seat can be big enough with the growing of your kid. Important point to ponder, the babies who can support their body weight with legs; weighs 15 to 26 lbs and height less than 32” tall can use this walker.

Through infancy to toddlerhood, buying this 2 in 1 activity center and walker would be a great investment as the walker features colored toys and activities to keep your baby entertained while stimulating their mind. Whether boy or girl, it can be of great use for gifts giving in baby showers and other occasions. It is among the best rated walkers for babies on Amazon because it is available in the category of push and walk toys for babies.


  • Useful at home and outside
  • Machine washable seat pads and the seat is height adjustable
  • It comes with 1 year warranty
  • It can be folded for easy storage


  • Baby weight must be 15 to 26 lbs and height less than 32” tall to use this walker

4. VTECH Sit, Stand and Ride Baby Walker

Our next review is on Amazon exclusive Vtech Baby Walker and its considered to be the best walker for baby learning to walk. The interactive 3 in 1 baby walker featured with toys to keep your little bundle of joy busy all day from by transiting from activity panel to walker leading to ride the walker. Fascinatingly,  your baby will explore the colorful light up buttons that produces sound, phrases and letters and play on floor so that your baby is able to learn fast and utilize his cognitive skills.

VTech baby walker has distinguish features that you will hardly find in any other walker; a steering wheel and gear shifter which will help your child to use his hand efficiently and sharpen the hand, eye senses. Upon transforming from walker to ride on the motion sensor detect movement and activates fun music and sounds that will encourage your child to take his unsteady first steps plus motivating your child to use five senses. This walk and play activity walker is a full time enjoyment toy for play time and baby learning to walk.

VTech baby walker is summarized as learn, walk and ride walker for boys and girls that inspire your kid to GO FOR A RIDE! And enjoy the amazing music and sounds while roaming around the house. Parents who worry about their kid’s safety can control the speed by clicking the lock latch on the wheels. Parents can get firsthand on this baby walker with locking wheels on Amazon.


  • Designed for 9 months to 3 years old baby
  • 60 + songs, melodies and sounds
  • It has standard packaging
  • Safe to use on smooth surfaces


  • Some people may get annoyed by the songs continuously playing

5. Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal, One SizeJoovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal, One Size

Joovy Spoon Walker is a clean contemporary design for your little one. If you are looking for high chair and walker then this bright white, high gloss finish walker will catch your eye and it is the categorized among the best rated walkers for babies. Your toddler can have Meal on Wheels! Less worry for mothers who have to entertain their kids while feeding. Your toddler can easily balance between play, eat and learn to take first wobbly steps at the same time.

Interesting fact about this walk and play activity walker is that it has extra-large tray for meal and snacks time and lots of space for your child’s toys to play. The tray is washable in dish washer or wiped clean and also removable. For the safety, mobility and stability of your toddler the manufacturer has designed ultra wide base so that your cutie-pie can master walking. Moreover, the wide base ensures that you child doesn’t hurt his or her fingers or bump into the wall or furniture. The seat pad is comfortable and supportive for you baby’s back and washable too. Not only the Joovy walker has compact design, its seat can be adjusted in three different heights so that you can use infancy to toddlerhood.

A lifesaver for parents since Joovy spoon walker combines two essential products in one: highchair and walker; which is so practical and simple that you can take the walker wherever in the house your toddler likes to have fun and take meals. . It is definitely the best walker for baby learning to walk.


  • 2 in 1 essential products: high chair and walker
  • Walker has Extra-large tray and wide base
  • Storage friendly
  • Weight allowance is 30 pounds and height 33.5 inches


  • Not to be used on stairs, steps, grass and threshold
  • Can only be used on flat surfaces
  • Babies over 30 pounds weight cannot use

6. Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play WalkerBright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker

To fascinate your baby Bright Starts Play walker is designed lifelike Ford Truck and helps your kid to learn her first steps through the baby growing span.

This amazing 3 in 1 baby walker has three modes that allow the baby to play and walk at any stage with normal walker mode, push-behind mode and Ford Truck Raptor, this raptor includes custom rims, grills, side vents, embroidered raptor logo and detailing on seat.

The steering wheel, sounds and lights give the babies an image that are actually driving and playing with the truck. This baby walker that looks like a car is formulated to support baby both beginners and experienced walkers. Two babies can have fun at one time, the beginner baby can use the normal walker to improve motor skills and learn to walk steadily and the experienced baby can enjoy push behind walker for floor play or while roaming around the house. To utilize the push behind mode simply lift the push bar and remove the truck from the walker base.

Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker is a special car walker for baby girl so that she can flaunt her lifelike Ford truck with lights and sounds to other toddlers or the walker targeted gender can be unisex too. The normal walker is for 6 months to 12 months old baby and the push behind walker 36+ months baby.

This walk behind walker for babies is fantastic investment for parents and they can purchase it as a savior for all walking and play stages of babies, also can keep safely reusing for their next babies.


  • Two can play at once
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Comes with removable steering wheel activity center
  • Height adjusted frames
  • No batteries required


  • Babies above 26 pounds cannot use the walker
  • Age appropriate

The first factor we recommend you to consider while picking baby walker is age. Notice and check whether your baby is ready to stand and use walker otherwise it would frustrate your kid. It will also render your child’s growth too. If your kids legs are weak and not able to support then getting a walker will be of no use at this time. Go for best rated walker for babies that is labeled with the age that is appropriate for your baby’s age.

  • Height weight

While purchasing walk and play activity walker, the height must be adjustable and weight must have a maximum recommendation for babies. The walker must not be too tall or too short for your baby.

  • Sturdiness

The walkers must not be lightweight. It must be sturdy so that it won’t flip over when the baby is walking. Pick a walk behind walkers for babies that will help parents for not watching over continuously and there will be more chances for baby not to trip over the floor.

  • Wheels

Select baby walkers with rubber wheels so that it can work and roll well on the carpet, tiles and hardwood floors. A baby walker wheels must be sturdy and roll multidirectional. Particularly notice while going through the walkers in the market that the wheels do not damage the flooring of the house.

  • Speed control

Safety First Parents! This is one of the important factors to consider. Get a baby walker with locking wheels which are very significant for the parents who care about their baby’s safety. The walkers must have a speed control button so that you can control the movement of the baby on the walker.


The first steps of your baby are the one memory that you will cherish for a lifetime. Choosing the best push and walk toys for babies not only helps your child develop his/ her walking skills but also relieves you of your worries. The comfort, durability, speed control, sounds and lights installed on these walkers foster the walking skills of your baby as well as develop the cognitive skills too. We have summarized the 6 Best Walkers for baby learning to walk for you so that you can easily choose the walkers that fit your baby’s description. Happy walking, little angels!


Yes, very well. It works well on all kind of surfaces, carpets and wooden flooring.
You can start at 7 months depending on the height and height of the baby. And check whether you baby can support weight on the fragile little legs.
Yes, the wheels move in all directions. Customers are satisfied with the Safety 1st Dino Sounds n Lights Discovery baby walker multi directional sturdy wheels.
No, they roll well carpet, tile and hardwood floors.
The package dimensions says: 46 x 40 x 10 cm
Yes, it won’t take much time and the box packaging has picture and description.
As soon as the baby is able to sit and hold neck i.e 4-5 months and weight should be between 15 to 26 lbs.
This item should be used only on flat surfaces free of objects that could cause this walker to tip over. If the carpet is smooth and even the walker will roll well but not so well on thick carpet.
Yes, you can steer it left and right. The walker transforms into activity panel to walker to ride on.
Yes, the wheels turn and you can control the speed of the wheels too.
Not at all, the back wheels even lock to where it doesn’t take off with a simple push. Hands down it’s the best walker on the market.
Not on thick carpets. If the carpet and brick paver is smooth and even.
The front wheels can spin any direction. The rear wheels only rill in a forward direction. The Spoon walker maneuvers very easily.
The best place to measure this from is the bottom portion of the seat which is the crotch area. This equates to the inner leg length for your child. Position 1- 7" position 2 - 7.5" position 3 - 8.25"
The rear wheels are made of white rubber and the front wheels are white plastic. The wheels work best on hard surfaces and are not known to cause any damage to wood floors.
The weight limit of the 3 Ways to Play Walker Ford F-150 is 26 pounds.
The 3 Ways to Play Walker Ford F-150 may work on rugs of low pile, depending on the leg strength of baby. The walker will roll over any flat surface. Carpet may be challenging at first. As your child grows and becomes more adept at moving the walker the carpet will cause very little difficulty.

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