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What to look in a most powerful electric leaf blower

Trees have an immense effect on the environment, but they fall, some of them shed a lot of leaves, and cleaning them is not an easy task. A leaf blower will make short work of cleaning the mess. It’s not a one-time machine; you can use it around the year. Fuel blower produces the same air-pollution in an hour as a car will in 90-Miles while electric leaf blower is efficient and pollution-free.

In this article, you will find the buying tips as well as a list of the most powerful electric leaf blower that will help you to make the right choice.

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EGO Power+ LB4800

☞ Voltage: 56-Volt
☞ Battery: N/A

The electric leaf blower is available in the market with various features, and
it can be challenging to find the most powerful electric leaf blower.


This feature lets you control the speed of the electric leaf blower. Usually, it comes with two-speed features. Hi-speed can suck the pabbles from the ground, so it is essential to review the surface type of your garden.


If the blower is noisy, it can be tough for you to work with it. An electric leaf blower allows an anti-vibration feature.


Nozzles control the airflow; it comes in flat and round shape. The nozzle is designed to increases the velocity of the air; the higher power of the air will move the leaves more quickly. It is not essential for small gardens.


The storage system must be sufficient; it depends on the area you have to work in, so you can find several storage bags options, small, medium, and significant variations. It may be a little hard to empty the bag many times during your cleaning work. Adequate storage space will make your work quicker. The volume of a bag ranges 20-50 litters; if you carry more than the required area, it will be extra weight.


Cordless electric leaf blower is the best choice for new users. You should check battery-powered leaf blowers. It is rechargeable and convenient to operate. Push the battery into the tool and squeeze the trigger.
Motor maintenance is easy, and you do not need extra things and effort to put on. A battery leaf blower is reliable and efficient for big gardens.


If you have no battery and still you want an electric leaf blower, then corded blower will help you out. It gives you more power than a battery blower and no hassle for battery recharging.

7 Most powerful electric leaf blower

RYOBI-ONE+☞ Battery: 4-Ah
☞ Speed: 280-CFM
4.9/5View Product
Greenworks 40V”☞ Voltage: 40-Volt
☞ Battery: 2.0-Ah
4.9/5View Product
EGO Power+ LB4800″☞ Battery: N/A
☞ Speed: 480-CFM
5.0/5View Product
WORX-WG520☞ Voltage: 120-Volt
☞ Speed: 600-CFM
4.4/5View Product
Toro 51619″☞ Voltage: 56-Volt
☞ Speed: 410-CFM
4.8/5View Product
Greenworks 7 Amp Single Speed”☞ Weight: 10.23-pounds
☞ Speed: 160-CFM
4.7/5View Product
PowerSmart PS76101A”☞ Battery: Lithium 1.5-Ah
☞ Speed: 130-CFM
4.9/5View Product
Electric leaf blower reviews and features are listed below. You can compare them and find out the best fit for you.


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  • Dimensions: 23x11x6-inches
  • Weight: 7-pounds
  • Voltage: 18-Volt
  • Battery: 4-Ah
  • Speed: 280-CFM
  • Blower-Type: Cordless-Blower
  • Accessories: Tool, Charger, Battery

Ryobi cordless blowers are available in different shapes and features. This Ryobi one plus give you a suction speed of 280-CFM; it comes with battery and charger. You do not need to buy a charger and battery separately. It is the best cordless leaf blower model by Ryobi, 18-volt lithium-battery with a jet fan gives an excellent performance. Powerful, lightweight, easy to move, and quick cleaning features make it more reliable.
Assembling the tool accessories are very simple and can be done within minutes. No other complications during work and low maintenance are required for this product. It comes with noise reduction capability, which controls the loudness of the motor.

I have some other Ryobi tools; they all work well, including this product. I have bought this leaf blower, it is so efficient and battery power long-lasting. I will surely buy more tools by Ryobi.

2. Greenworks 40V”

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  • Dimensions: 38×7.3×10-inches
  • Weight: 8.5-pounds
  • Voltage: 40-Volt
  • Battery: 2.0-Ah
  • Speed: 390-CFM
  • Blower-Type: Cordless-Blower
  • Accessories: Tool, Charger, Battery

Another cordless leaf blower comes with excellent features. Jet fan with 110-mph and 390-CFM increase suction and makes it more durable. The required voltage for this tool is 40-V; the package includes a battery of 2.0-Ah, a charger, and a tool. Its complete pack all in one, easy to attach accessories, and provide significant results.
A variable-speed control option is available, and you can set the speed as per your requirement. No long time required to recharge it, it hardly takes 75-minutes to charge the battery completely. So, you do not need to take extended breaks during your work.
This cordless leaf blower tool has a warranty of 4-years, and the battery has 2-year’s coverage. Your investment is fully secured, and good results are sure.

I am so happy, at least I have spent my money in the right place. This is a perfect blower, and machine efficiency is outstanding. Quick charging saves your time. Noise reduction is good but still makes noise, that’s okay for me because the performance is pretty good.

3. EGO Power+ LB4800″

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  • Dimensions: 35.8×6.7×10.8-inches
  • Weight: 5.1-pounds
  • Voltage: 56-Volt
  • Battery: N/A
  • Speed: 480-CFM
  • Blower-Type: Cordless-Blower
  • Accessories: Only tool

The ego leaf blower is designed to get continuous performance. It can work for hours without heating up. Suction power is perfect for cleaning up the leaf mess, and the tool has a fantastic design, easy-grip keeps you comfortable while working with it. Dual speed feature that can vary from 250-480-CFM, the speed control is in your hand.
Moreover, the tool has a unique feature of weather resistance, which makes it different from other products. Battery and charger are not included with it, you need to purchase them separately, or you can ask the vender for another plan that provides for battery and charger. Still, it will increase the price; if you already have a battery at home, you can use it. All lithium batteries are compatible with this tool.

The turbo feature of this tool is excellent, it works perfectly fine, but the battery performance is not so good when you use it on turbo. Overall performance is unique, and average speed usage can increase battery life, but the turbo is a great feature, and if you are in an obsession with using that feature, you need to keep two batteries so you can get your work done in one go.

4. WORX-WG520


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  • Dimensions: 40x11x9.6-inches
  • Weight: 7.2-pounds
  • Voltage: 120-Volt
  • Speed: 600-CFM
  • Blower-Type: Corded-Blower
  • Accessories: Only tool

Worx has made the best-corded leaf blower for your home garden. Its extreme power capacity allows you to work in the garden, and it comes with different speed levels; you can lower the speed when cleaning the corners. Air capacity is 60-110mph, and air-volume is 320-600-CFM, which is appropriate for all tasks.
The only thing that can be problematic is the wire that you need to hold all the time. The user rating for this product is 4.7 out of 5. A must-have thing for the people who prefer corded blowers over a cordless leaf blower, work efficiency is higher than cordless and gives an adequate performance. For stringent conditions, it offers hyper stream nozzle that makes work easier.
The three different power options have the ability to clean out the debris and leaf. Compare its features with other similar products to find the best-corded leaf blower.

I have experienced many other leaf blowers, but all are under power. This tool has an immense power capacity, and I am satisfied with its performance. It is a little heavy; you can not hold it for a long time. Another thing that I noticed now is the wire, it was my experience with corded blower, and I didn’t like it because of the corded feature. Otherwise, the product itself is an excellent tool. Still, I use it for severe conditions, and it performs well.

5. Toro 51619″

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  • Dimensions: 9x41x14-inches
  • Weight: 8.5-pounds
  • Voltage: 56-Volt
  • Speed: 410-CFM
  • Blower-Type: Corded-Blower
  • Accessories: Vacuum-tube, bag, nozzle, cord-storage hook

Toro 51619 is a corded suitable leaf blower. The package includes warranty coverage, and other accessories are storage-bag, nozzle, and vacuum-tube. Cord extension is not a part of this package. If you need an extension, then you need to buy it separately; it will not cost you much.
Tool material is metal, and power capacity is -mph, speed variations are between 250-410-CFM. These features play a vital role in performance, power capacity, speed control, and other functional elements. The overall rating of this product is 4.4/5. Tool design and weight are perfect, and you can quickly get your work done at home garden. It is suitable for big lawns.

I have found this blower very light. It doesn’t fulfill my needs. The product is right, but only for small places, you can not work on big lawns as it will stop working. It cannot work for long hours. I can not recommend this to the people who want to do big tasks with it. It is not compatible with more significant works needs.

6. Greenworks 7 Amp Single Speed”

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  • Dimensions: 17.5×8.5×10-inches
  • Weight: 10.23-pounds
  • Speed: 160-CFM
  • Blower-Type: Corded-Blower
  • Accessories: Tool and extension-cord

Greenworks 7-amp is single speed leaf blower. Air volume speed is 160-mph; it has no other speed variations. It will easily clean the leaf and debris fro hard surfaces. The design is perfect and straightforward, which adds holding comfort levels for users.
Another convenient feature of this product is that it comes with a cord lock that prevents accidental unplugging. Factory warranty covers all tool accessories, and it means you will be investing in the safest product. Lightweight design and durable material keep it in the standing list. The noise and vibration of this tool are very low, and you can rely on it if you have a low budget and a small garden.

I am very disappointed with my purchase. As the cord extension is annoying and loose, you can not even work at least for one time. If you want to do work, then you need to hold the cord all the time. The weight of the product is a little heavy, and sound is a bit louder, but one thing I must say, I have never used such a powerful tool before, as it will easily blow the dirt out of the garden. There is no doubt about product efficiency.

7. PowerSmart PS76101A”

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  • Dimensions: 19x8x7-inches
  • Weight: 5.44-pounds
  • Voltage: 20-Volt
  • Battery: Lithium 1.5-Ah
  • Speed: 130-CFM
  • Blower-Type: Cordless-Blower
  • Accessories: Tool, charger, battery.

This is an excellent leaf blower that can deal with any situation. Air-speed of this product is 130mph, which is perfectly fine. The packing includes a fast-charger, a battery, and a tool. It is all in one deal, perfect for lawns to clean the dirt, debris, and leaves. This leaf blower on sale will cost you cheaper than its actual price. The product rating is 4.2/5 by the users; its features and performance attract people to buy this product. The voltage required is 20-V, and a lithium battery is good enough to use it. It gives long-lasting battery life.

I liked it much, and it is a perfect match for small jobs. Lightweight and easy to carry. Surely recommend to other people for cleaning the back yard and sidewalks. Battery life is 15-minutes once charged, which I think is adequate according to the product power and capability.


Leaf blowers are handy tools. You can find several designs and sizes, but the important thing is it must meet your requirements. Some leaf blowers are used for smaller jobs, and others are for bigger jobs. You can not use one leaf blower for different tasks, as they may not have the capacity to bear that much load. Corded and cordless are the main two types of electric leaf blowers. Some manufacturers can offer a charger and battery with the tool, while others may not. It is better to compare all the products, check their feature, and choose the one that fits according to your needs.


  1. How long does it take to charge the blower’s battery?
    It depends on the leaf blower’s battery. Usually, 1.5-Ah to 2.0-Ah batteries takes an hour or two to recharge. If the charger is fast, then the time of charging may decrease.
  2. What diameter is the best for 430-CFM?
    A specific diameter for a blower is not necessary. A 430-CFM blower essentially has a diameter of 2.5, but according to the job, you can use any tube. For flat ground, you can use a full diameter while working on the corners; you need smaller to blow out the dust from the garden.
  3. What is the best blower corded or cordless?
    Both are excellent work capacity, but if you want a blower for the back yard or smaller lawn then corded is perfect for you, it will fulfill all your needs. On the other hand, if you are searching for big gardens or grounds, then corded will not be the right choice, a cordless will perform very well in more significant areas as you can move freely at any place in the ground. Corded blowers tend to create difficulty in movement, and their wire keeps them limited, you need cord extension to cover more area.
    Moreover, according to power capability, corded leaf blowers are more effective than cordless.

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