Best Golf Travel Bag under $100 – Buying Guide 2020

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When you start looking for golf bags you might come across the expensive ones that you might think is the right decision. But the good news is that it is not true, we have found the ultimate golf travel bag under $100 that you can purchase right here.

The bags that we have mentioned are jam-packed with amazing features and all you have to do here is select one that suits you.

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mazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club 

☞ Smooth rolling
☞ Inline-skate-style wheels

Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Bag

Ride vs Walk

  • In case you like to walk while playing golf then you should opt for a stand bag. Other options include a lightweight Sunday bag and a hybrid bag.
  • In case you generally ride in the cart and play at one club then we recommend that you get a staff bag or cart bag.

Pockets and Club Dividers

  • Many golf bags tend to use dividers of full-length and these dividers are able to separate the multiple pockets of the bag.
  • Some bags are designed with five-pocket dividers while other are designed with three.

Comfortable Straps

  • While carrying your golf bag you should feel comfortable. Look out for a bag with wide and well-padded strap.
  • The strap should adjust in such a way so that the bag is able to sit squarely on the shoulders. The added lean of the bag will keep the clubs in place.


  • As some golfers enjoy carrying their bags while walking thus, they should opt for a bag that isn’t too heavy.
  • The majority of golf bag cast off weight equal to the amount they shed while they are sturdy.
  • On the other hand, some golf bags are lighter and weigh only 3 lbs.
  • In case you are looking for a bag that weighs quite low then you might have to compromise on the storage and pockets.


  • As you might need a hook to place your towel thus bags are usually designed with explicit towel hooks.
  • While selecting a golf bag make sure to buy one that has hooks.


  • An efficient golf bag will be able to store all your stuff. By stuff, we are referring to tees, golf balls, GPS, laser rangefinders, some snacks, and other accessories.
  • Many golf-bags tend to have pockets with fleece lining you can use these pockets to store your valuables.

Best Golf Travel Bag under $100

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AmazonBasics Golf Bag

☞Made of nylon fabric
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Bag Boy T-750

☞Thick 4-sided foam
☞Ergonomic handles
☞Deluxe wheels
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SKB Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

☞High quality product
☞TSA locking system
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Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

☞4 multi-directional spinner wheels
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Partage Golf Travel Bag

☞Smooth tires
☞Universal size
☞Multifunctional design
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OGIO Savage Travel Bag

☞Fully padded
☞Can easily fit cart and stand bags
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1. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club 

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • Soft-sided
  • Made of nylon fabric
  • Durable
  • Smooth-rolling
  • Inline-skate-style wheels
  • Heavy duty curb rails
  • Riveted handles
  • Compression straps
  • Multiple zippered compartments

This is amazon’s choice for one of the best golf travel bags. It is very convenient to transport a set of golf clubs. This bag has been made out of durable nylon that reinforces stress points and allows it to stand up on its own.

It has wheels like that of skates and due to its smooth rolling and heavily padded top section, you can be assured that your clubs will be secure and you can transport your golf gear about easily.


This is a great bag at its price, highly recommended!!!

2. Bag Boy T-750


Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • It has the extra thick 4-sided foam and impact-resistant PVC
  • Its deluxe wheels are very smooth and easily rolls
  • It has ergonomic handles for easy turning
  • It can fit up to the 48-inch driver

This one of the golf travel bags is lightweight itself so you can easily adjust some extra stuff in it without making it too heavy. This one can fit a 48-inch driver and most of the cart bags.

The bag has 4 sided thick foam that makes it prevent your clubs from jostling and also has impact-resistant PVC so that your clubs are safe.

This golf bag for traveling is one of the cheapest options available in the market but at this price, it may not be a sturdy or durable product.


This bag is very to pull and keep your clubs and other stuff safe.

3. SKB Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case


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Key Features

    • This can easily fit cart bags and drivers that are up to 48 inches
    • The product is made using high quality molecular weight polythene
    • It has a TSA locking system that prevents any dirt and dust from entering it and also provide high security for your stuff

This travel bag for golf from SKB is made using strong and durable molecular weight polythene which makes it a very strong product. Even if the bag is roughly treated it, due to its material no harm can be done to the things inside it.

To provide extra safety during the traveling, the travel bag also introduces the TSA locking system that secures your things in the bag and also prevents all sorts of dust and dirt to get in, which can damage the stuff.


I travel with it a lot, and it is amazing and secure.

4. Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case


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Key Features

    • The ABS shell protects the bag from all wear and tear during traveling
    • It is lightweight and durable
    • It has 4 multi-directional spinner wheels that allow you to easily push and pull this travel bag

The hard-sided case from Samsonite is produced using strong ABS that guarantees insurance of your golf hardware during movement.

The internal of the hard case includes a cushioned sewed inside with additional froth padding on top to ensure club heads. The 4 multi-directional spinner wheels guarantee that the whole unit can turn 360 degrees, whenever required.


This bag is awesome. I travel a lot with this bag and it has never disappointed me.

5. Partage Golf Travel Bag


Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

    • This travel bag is made using a very strong polythene material that makes it one of the most durable products
    • This bag has a multifunctional design it protects your clubs and also provides extra space to pack your other stuff
    • It has a universal size of 51x18x12.5 inches that will easily fit any golf stand bag
    • Its smooth tires will allow you to easily roll it anywhere with you

A Partage pack is solid and thickly cushioned to shield golf clubs from harm and furthermore offers an additional three pockets to store extra things, for example, shoes, and different extras. The length of the pocket is 39cm and the width is 30cm and accompanies smooth zippers and ID cardholders on the rear of the pack.

To diminish the development of golf clubs inside the sack it is included with an outside secure an inside bind lashes to make sure about your gear.

It likewise includes smooth and excellent wheels which verify that there is smooth rolling and the sack is effortlessly hauled around.


I have used it just once, but so far it works great.

6. OGIO Savage Travel Bag


Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • The development of this travel bag makes it lightweight
  • Its top compartment is fully padded
  • This also includes the outer compression straps
  • It can easily fit cart and stand bags

The Ogio Savage bag is a sufficient choice in all viewpoints it has a lightweight structure, completely cushioned top compartment, and smooth-moving wheels.

The sack is fabricated very well, the base is a hard plastic piece and the texture is exceptionally intense so you can be guaranteed that your gear is sheltered.

The handles are put in acceptable areas for lifting and pulling. It has a significant stockpiling limit and there is a huge amount of room in there for pressing different things in.


This bag has proven to be a great and strong choice.

Types of Golf Bags

Ogio Golf Travel Bags

OGIO’s hard-sided golf travel bags are built to give you the most fully loaded experience on the course. Its helps you improve your game with increased organization, unrivaled durability, and innovative features. On top of that, they have performance-enhancing fabrics so you can be assured that you have the best golf travel bag for airlines and other places.

Nike Golf Travel Bag

Nike has been one of the world leaders in sports and sport-related apparel and merchandise. You can be assured that Nike provides some of the best golf hard case travel bags as well as travel cover for golf bags. Check out the Nike store for more details.

Maxfli Golf Travel Bag

Maxfli dicks sporting goods golf travel bag has a durable plastic tube that easily fits around the shafts of your clubs. This way your equipment is kept separated and protected from scraping together. Hence this durable plastic protective and secure golf club carrying case make it one o the best ones you can get your hands on.

Samsonite Golf Travel Bag

Samsonite has been in the business for years and years. You can count on their quality to give you some of the best hard case golf travel bags that can also be used on airplanes. They have so many types and versions of golf travel bags and you need to check out the one which features’ suit you the best.

Amazon golf travel bag

Amazon is your one-stop online shop with a huge variety of products from all kinds of manufacturers. You can review the ratings and prices as well as features and you can instantly purchase through just one click without ever having to get up. We will list out the best golf travel bag under $100 that you can purchase from Amazon right away! Read on below and find out more about our exclusive picks!


All in all, we’ve covered the basics of what makes a great golf travel bag and how many different companies have diverse features, rates, colors, and varieties available.

You can view our list for the top eight best golf travel bags under 100 for getting the best deal money can buy. Plus, you can carry on with your golf tours with all your golf equipment intact in these amazing golf travel bags and you wouldn’t need to look for them.

You can just click on either of the names or images which intrigued you the most. Make sure to view and compare prices and choose the best one for you with the easiest click purchase. So what are you waiting for? Go on now and check out these amazing deals on best golf travel bags under 100!


1. How to pack a golf travel bag?

In order to pack your golf gear properly in your golf travel bag, you will firstly need to take the heads off all adjustable clubs. You cover these in headcovers and store them inside your golf bag.

Then you need to place all your golf sticks in together so that they stand erect next to each other inside the bag. Use socks you’re packing for your trip to cover your irons and wedges.

Fill all the excess space with your clothes. This way you’d have packed smartly and are ready to travel with your golf travel bag.

2. How much to ship a golf bag?

Of course, this amount varies according to the distance of your shipment details and the weight of your golf bag. Usually, you get the option of picking it from a FedEx office for free. Their standard box is $17.99. However, the fragile box with stronger cardboard is $24.99. Please note that both boxes are 15 inches x 15 inches x 48 inches.

3. How much are golf bags?

Golf bag price ranges can vary from a thousand to a few tens. It depends on the manufacturer and quality of the golf travel bag along with additional features. However, you can view our picks above to view the best golf travel bag under $100.

4. What is the best golf travel bag?

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club is the best golf travel bag so far.

5. What is the lightest golf bag?

Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite is the lightest among other golf bags.

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