How to Build a Camping Shower Shelter?

Privacy is priceless, Right? There is nothing more important for an individual to do their private things in a proper shelter. While camping, one can build a camping shower shelter for a quick and private shower in the middle of the jungle. However, one can purchase an outdoor camp shower from the market if you’re not familiar with its making.

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Wolfwise portable shower tent

☞ Waterproof storage bag
☞ Unique and stylish look
☞ Lightweight and easy to store

                               Things to be considered

Quality Material

The quality of the stuff should not be compromised as it’ll be used in unfavorable conditions while on camping. The stuff should be water-resistant and it would not allow UV radiation to harm you and your family.

Strong holding arms

The tent-poles should be strong enough to cope with heavy wind. They’re constructed with PVC material which ensures the stability of the tent. These poles are like walls for a house and the wall should be strong enough to cope with hard weather conditions.


The portable shower tent for camping covers a small area and can be carried in a bag to far camping destinations. The camping shower shelters come in a bag to help you in an easy portability of the tent. So make sure the tent is not fixed but moveable.

Privacy check

The basic purpose of a camping shower is to give you full privacy while taking showers. The fabric of the tent should be thick enough to cover your body and allows no interaction from the outside. The camping shower shelters are available in different colors and designs but you need to confirm that nobody can see what’s going on inside of the tent.


When talking about size, it’s only you who can decide which size will be the best for you to take a shower in a comfortable manner. Normally people tend to go with a 7 by 4 sized tent as it’s perfect for small and large guys.

              8 best privacy camping tents for showers

Wolfwise portable shower tent☞ Waterproof storage bag
☞ Unique and stylish look
☞ No need to assemble
4.5/5View Product
Ozark Outdoor shower☞ Long towel handler
☞ Two large pockets
☞ Easy to install
4.5/5View Product
Abco tech Pop-up☞ 100% Risk-free
☞ Great outward visibility
☞ Save of time
4.3/5View Product
Texport privacy outdoor☞ Colorful outlook
☞ Rust prove poles
☞ Enough space for every age group
4.1/5View Product
KingCamp shower privacy☞ It has double layer windows
☞ Built-in inside and outside
☞ Modern ventilation
4.2/5View Product
Green Elephant Pop-up☞ Separate hangers for toilet paper
☞ It comes with several accessories
☞ Unique and lightweight
4.6/5View Product
Lightspeed Outdoor changing☞ Fits in the budget
☞ Ideal for two persons
☞ Towel hanging strap
4.4/5View Product
Mydeal Pop-up☞ Quick and easy to use
☞ Nice and sturdy structure
☞ It weighs only 3 pounds
4.3/5View Product

1. Wolfwise portable shower tent

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Key Features

  • Waterproof storage bag
  • Unique and stylish look
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • Pop-up shower tent
  • No need to assemble

The Wolfwise portable shower tents are known for their unique design and attractive appearance. The fabric of this pop-up shower tent is made with polyester which enables it to reflect the UV rays while taking a shower. When talking about weight, it only counts for 4 lbs.

One feature that makes me give it the first place is that it can pop-up in a required shape within no time and you don’t need to put extra effort into its assembly. One can easily fold it down when not used.

These tents are brilliant in performance and can be used for outdoor shooting, clothes vending stand, road trips, hiking, and camping showers. It has the ability to stand at its own and ensures reliable stability on windy days.

Customer Reviews

It’s a bit tricky to fold this portable shower tent but that doesn’t matter as it has a lot to offer me at camping. I like this product because I don’t need to spend my precious time in its assembly. You need to plug this out from the bag and it’ll pop-up within the blink of an eye. When not taking a shower, I can store my edibles in this tent to protect from rain.

2. Ozark Outdoor shower shelter

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Key Features

  • Long towel handler
  • Two large pockets
  • Ideal size for any human being
  • Easy to install
  • Two zip windows for outside interaction

No matter whether we’re at home or in the middle of the jungle, it’s really hard for the women to get a shower without shampoo. Don’t worry if you’re a woman and need space for your beauty products to be placed in the portable hot shower. This camping shower tent has built-in two large pockets to handle your beauty personas.

The towel handle can easily hang your clothes and towel to be used after showering. This model is one of the best camping tents for showers as there is a zip window for you to seek help in case you miss anything necessary for showering. It has enough space to handle 2 people at a time.

Customer Reviews

As far as my experience is concerned, this portable shower shelter has nothing to say bad about it. I’ve used this for my long camping tenure to do my private things and it always makes me feel satisfied. In addition to your safety, it’s suggested to have a water mate to avoid any slippage.

3. Abco tech Pop-up privacy tent

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Key Features

  • 100% Risk-free satisfaction guarantee
  • Great outward visibility
  • Durable long-lasting material
  • Save of time
  • Nice hand carry bag
  • Greater outward visibility

When it comes to multiple usage of a portable shower tent, the Abco tech Pop-up privacy tent has no competitor in the market. It can be used for a camping bathroom, changing clothes, soft rain shelter, and many more. Nobody wants to install a complete shower tent before going to a bath or even for a change of clothes.This Pop-up camping shower shelter is designed for the utmost comfort and effortless functionalities. One can carry this lightweight shelter at the park, poolside, beach, and many other outdoor camping activities.

Customer Reviews

A travel-friendly shower tent that never disappointed me in any situation. The fabric is thick enough to hide the inside user. It has strong and durable stakes to hold the frame firmly in case of thunderstorms. Don’t leave your shower tent alone without tightening it with stakes.

4. Texport privacy outdoor shower shelter 

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Key Features

  • Colorful outlook
  • Rust prove poles
  • Enough space for every age group
  • Removable towel holder
  • Looks like a hut

So here comes the beautifully designed shower tent which includes a removable hanging towel bar and a shower rank inside. Its D-style doors have large zippers to ensure comfortable entrance and exit of big guys.When used in harsh conditions, one can easily wash this outdoor shelter shower at home without making any damage to its fabric. This kit can be used as the camping baby shower to keep your kids healthy.

Customer Reviews

If you’re doing this for the very first time, make sure to do it before going for a shower as it took me about 35 minutes to install the camping shower shelter. I’m sure this time will reduce as I get some experience. Overall, a large shelter with a capacity of 4 people.

5. KingCamp shower privacy shelter tent

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Key Features

  • It has double layer windows
  • Built-in inside and outside compartments
  • Solid hook to hang the solar camping shower
  • 100% water-resistant stuff
  • Modern ventilation

Most people want the comfort of home while camping which is why this KingCamp shower privacy shelter tent is famous for. Isn’t it strange that we can take showers at the beach in our shorts and bikinis in front of humans but afraid of taking showers in front of plants and animals? By the way, this tent is for you to give full privacy from other creatures.There is nothing to be worried about the extra tools that are needed for the installation of the KingCamp shower shelter. Its size is enough for two adults to give a maximum satisfaction of showering at camping. The fabric has the quality to block the sun rays and raindrops. One can easily hang the solar camping shower at the desired angle.

Customer Reviews

This is a perfect design to take a shower without messing with the tent walls. I’ve used this in mountain camping, it stood firmly against the rain and heavy wind. The best part which I like the most is we can hang our clothes after washing them to get dry on this towel handler. Overall, one can call it a cube instead of a shower shelter.

6. Green Elephant Pop-up Shelter

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Key Features

  • Separate hangers for toilet paper and towel
  • It comes with several accessories
  • Unique and lightweight
  • Moderate size
  • Durable zipper

At camping, It’s not an easy task to find such a place where you can take shower in full privacy. This basic need will be turned into talk of the town when your family is joining you at the camping. Men of the house may compromise but women will not agree at any cost, but don’t worry: we have the perfect solution for this problem.

The Green Elephant Pop-up shelter for showering will be the one solution for all your camping problems. There is no need to waste your quality time for the installation of the shelter as it’ll pop-up within no time when uncovered.

Customer Reviews

This product got a 4.6 rating at Amazon by the verified purchaser which shows that it’s trusted by the customers and satisfied up to some extent. It comes with an option of a sandbag which allows us to take it with you on the beach. The company provides excellent after sales services and am completely satisfied with the staff.

7. Lightspeed Outdoor changing shelter

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Key Features

  • Fits in the budget
  • Ideal for two persons
  • Towel hanging strap
  • Sturdy structure
  • Longa and durable life

This nicely manufactured privacy shelter has made the bathing so easy and comfortable for the camping lovers. As a camper, I can understand how many troubles are waiting for us on the way.You want to spend quality time with your friends and family without bothering about necessities of life, then this lightweight portable shelter will give you tension free showers whenever you feel tired. It has a large standing area: One can easily take a shower without messing with the shelter’s walls.

Customer Reviews

It comes with a sturdy structure which helps it to stick with the grounds and stand firmly against the harsh weather conditions. Nature-friendly fabric and available in multiple colors that suit your camping habits. One might feel difficulties while taking the legs down.

8. Mydeal Pop-up shower shelter tent

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Key Features

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Nice and sturdy structure
  • Carrying bag is supplied with
  • Abrasion and rustproof
  • It weighs only 3 pounds

Another durable privacy pop-up tent for the camping lovers, this model comes with a feature of adjustable height for tall guys. One can remove the upper fabric to get some fresh air while enjoying the shower. Make sure not to use this feature at your garden as someone from the roof can ruin your privacy.A ready to use outdoor camping shower enclosure makes it stand out in the market. A royal blue color also enhances its beauty and class. The tent is also made with polyester fabric to ensure full privacy and avoid any invasion from outside.

Customer Reviews

This was one of my best investments I’d ever made to buy a camping shower shelter. It was highly appreciated by my colleagues and didn’t let me down in any situation. Make sure to use it wisely when folding down.


“Nothing is more expensive than pleasure”, but one can make it affordable by purchasing a camping shower shelter. It’ll give you complete satisfaction and peace of mind when you get tired of your camping.

You can use this Camping shelter tent for several purposes such as for changing clothes, taking showers, preservation of edibles in case of rain, and many more. Make sure to get the right size for you and for your family to attain maximum comfort.


What is the best Camping shower shelter?

The best camping shower shelter is one that needs no installation and can be easily folded when not in use. However, they come in limited sizes and designs.

How to shower while camping?

You can use a camping shower shelter to take a bath in full privacy. They’re made of polyester fabric which ensures no invasion from outside. These shelters are suitable for both men and women who want to refresh on camping.

How to make a camping shower tent?

DIY camping showers are super easy to make at home. You need a long sheet which can cover your height efficiently, use rings to hang those sheets with the PVC poles. Tighten the sheet with clips so that they would not fly away in case of heavy wind or thunderstorm. Two small buckets can be used for water storage and then add a shower pump to pull the water through a pipe. There you go, your camping shower is ready to sprinkle.

How to fold a shower tent?

Folding down a portable shower tent is a bit tricky. It’s suggested to read the instructions or simply watch a video on YouTube.

How to maintain a shower tent?

There is no rocket science for maintaining a shower tent. Before packing your portable tent, make sure it’s completely dry.

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