Top 7 Slim Fit Snowboard Pants For Women – Buying Guide 2020

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Snowboarding season gets more fun with these pants!

Ladies embrace yourselves because we are bringing you this amazing article which is full of cool ideas that are an amalgam of fashion and adventure. We can totally understand the panic of finding the right pair of slim fit snowboard pants for women that are super comfortable and fulfills all the requirements of comfort, style, and budget. So here we have listed down some of the beautiful and comfy pairs of snowboard pants for you consider this season.

If you are those women who love to have an element of adventure in their lives while keeping up with the latest fashion that not only brightens up your Instagram feeds but also comfortable then trust me, you are at the right place. Snowboarding season is around the corner; think no further because nothing is going to be this adventurous more than this snow sport.

From cheap to high-end snowboard pants, you ask for, the list has it. Check out the list as it contains a wide range of slim fit snowboard pants for women that you choose from. Take a look!

Top 7 Slim Fit Snowboard Pants For Women

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Toomett Waterproof Pants Women Outwear Winter Snow ski
☞100% polyester

☞ water-resistant

☞ flexible waistband belt
4.1View Product

Jessie Kidden Women's Outdoor Fleece Lined Soft Shell Ski 
☞igh-end technology of lotus leaf bionic

☞ elastic waist

☞top-notch fashion touch.
4.4View Product

Little Donkey Andy Women’s Winter Hiking Ski Snowboarding Pants, 
☞ 95% polyester

☞5% spandex,

☞semi-elasticized leg openings design
4.3View Product

Rdruko Women's Waterproof Windproof Fleece Lined Warm
☞85% polyester

☞15% spandex

☞ excellent fit for the stylish
4.1View Product

Camii Mia Women's Windproof Waterproof Sportswear Outdoor Hiking Fleece Pants
☞97% nylon

☞3% spandex

☞two knee patches
4.5View Product

Singbring Women's Outdoor Fleece Lined Windproof Hiking
☞zippered pockets

☞fleece lining inside making it suitable

☞ Water repellent
4.2View Product

Volcom Women's Species Stretch Snowpant
☞100% polyester,


☞breathable inner lining
3.6View Product

1. Toomett Waterproof Pants Women Outwear Winter Snow ski

Our first pick is Toomett waterproof insulated snowboard cargo pants. The product comes in very genuine fashion colors that never go out of fashion like NEVER OUT OF FASHION! You can easily find these skinny snowboard pants in grey, army green, khaki and black giving you an option to choose whatever your heart desires.

This not only comes with a variety of colors but also with comfy features that are too good to be ignored. Toomett waterproof pants are made up of 100% polyester for keeping your warm throughout your recreational activity. The inner lining is of fleece that is an excellent choice to survive the colder temperatures.

These hiking pants have outer-layer which is made water-resistant but the amazing thing about is the pores that can let your skin breathe.

It has a super comfortable waist that can adjust easily according to your waist size. With this amazing product, you can also get a flexible waistband belt which is designed to perfection while keeping your comfort in mind.

The product does not ignore the convenience value for their customers: it has zipped pockets at the front for you to keep you essential accessories for example phones, keys, etc. can be put in the pockets.  These snow hiking pants have a beautiful and modern cut that can enhance your figure in a very graceful manner.

The lightweight feature is worth mentioning here because sliding through the slopes and hill needs balance and this pant makes sure not to add extra weight for you to balance.  It is manufactured particularly light-weight for your ease. Now think no further, and grab this amazing pair for your joyous snowboarding experience.

2. Jessie Kidden Women’s Outdoor Fleece Lined Soft Shell Ski 

When it comes to looking for a perfect pair of snowboard pants, we can completely understand the struggle to get the right one. Obviously, one cannot compromise on its offered comfort level. Most importantly whether it is worth the money spent or turns out to be an utter waste of money.

For that reason, Jessie Kidden is here for you to address your concerns by providing outdoor sports lovers with top-level outdoor quality and affordable clothing.

Our pick from Jessie Kidden’s outdoor apparel line is their Slim Fit Fleece Lined Soft Shell snowboard pants which are perfectly water and wind-resistant.

The product is 100% polyester having a fleece lining and zipper. The amazing thing about is high-waist, slim-fit snowboard pants are the waterproof insulation feature.

Its inner layering is of fleece keeping you warm and comfy like no other fabric material. Its outer layer is windproof which obstructs the cold air to enter thus keep you warm.

These pants come with high-end technology of lotus leaf bionic feature that intercepts the water molecules from entering through the fabric pores instead water droplets slide off the fabric which helps to keep you dry so that you can enjoy snowboarding during rainy and humid days.

It has an elastic waist for comfortable fitting helps you move freely without creating a disturbance. Its belt and patchwork knees also add the top-notch fashion touch.

3. Little Donkey Andy Women’s Winter Hiking Ski Snowboarding Pants, 

This Little donkey Andy Women’s snowboard pants has already won our hearts with its slim fit, skinny cut elegant for modern women of the year 2020. This stylish pair of snow pants ticks all the right boxes in the fashion directory. With 95% polyester and 5% spandex, these snow pants are made windproof.

The inner lining is of 114 micro polar fleece which is excellent for shutting warmth in. its features have not stopped here yet, its semi-elasticized leg openings design blocks the wind from sliding in making it an excellent choice for snow sports.

If you are into snowboarding, your first concern will be the material of fabric that keeps you warm in cold weather yet giving you the freedom to snowboard freely without wear and tear.

There is a smooth layer on the fabric to keep it water repellent. The most outstanding feature which is worth discussing is the freedom of movement: it is super stretchy as of the material itself. Your movements will be greatly supported by the attached knees.

Don’t forget to take notice of its exceptional skinny fit and flexible waist before buying. This light-weight, waterproof snowboard women pants come with belt loops and a belt for giving you a stylish look.

4. Rdruko Women’s Waterproof Windproof Fleece Lined Warm 

Rdruko women’s waterproof and windproof snowboard pants will keep you up on your Instagram game because of the variety of IT colors that the manufacturer offers.

Guess what ladies, purple is one of them. Yes, you heard it right; its color range includes purple as well. This pair of pants is made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex with fleece lining thus enhancing the warmth. It has two zippered hand pockets that add the fashionable touch making it an excellent fit for the stylish women of today. Flexible waist enhances the comfy element that everyone is looking for in a snowboard pant.

5. Camii Mia Women’s Windproof Waterproof Sportswear Outdoor Hiking Fleece Pants

Camii Mia women’s snowboard pants are one of our favorite because of its stunning fit. With 97% nylon and 3% spandex, these pants don’t come with the stretch feature but its front slant pockets are what we admire the second. Although, you love to have stretchable snowboard pants the fashion quotient of Camii Mia’s women snowboard pants is incomparable.

It has two knee patches as well that magnifies the overall look of the snowboard pants as a fashion statement. Go for this pair, trust us, it will be going to get you a lot of Insta likes that you are definitely hoping for.

6.  Singbring Women’s Outdoor Fleece Lined Windproof Hiking 


This affordable pair has no match when it comes to beat snowboard fashion trends. Water repellent, flexible waist with zippered pockets; what else you hope for in a perfect pair of snowboard pants. Singbring women’s pants have a fleece lining inside making it suitable for colder weather and polyester outer layer makes it excellent water and wind repellent.  The design and style of the pants will turn many heads towards you so don’t forget to buy this pair.

7. Volcom Women’s Species Stretch Snowpant

Volcom brand for snowboarding apparel has our heart without a doubt. From their stretchy camouflage snowboard pants to women snowboard bibs, the brand knows well how to stay afloat in fashion. Made with 100% polyester, pants are made with a breathable inner lining that also keeps you warm while having the experience of your life. These slim-fit pants are stretchy which makes it easy for you to move around the slopes.

The brilliant thing about the camo snowboard pants is that it lets your style yourself in whatever way you like. You can wear suspenders with it and still rock the winter snowboarding look. Without any further delay, consider buying these snowboard pants and keep your followers in awe.

These are our top picks for you to pick your favorite snowboard pants for this season and let people wonder where you get it from and thanks us later. Have nice snowboarding!

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Snowboard pants are for snowboarding, such pair of pants is made from fabric that is an excellent water and wind repellent.
Snow bibs prevent you from cold weather because of its extended coverage lead up to the chest. It helps to keep you warm.
Under snowboard pants, one should wear a base layer that can be of long underwear but it should be made up of synthetic material to prevent moisture to get in and keep you warm.

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