Best Tents Tall Enough To Stand Up In | Buyer’s Guide 2021

Tall tents are always given priority if going for camping in a group. Best tents tall enough to stand in because of their features like height, flexibility, and most importantly huge capacity of interior space. Below you will find an extensive guide for the things to be considered for the tents you can stand up in.

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Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

☞ Separate screen room
☞  Expandable carry bag
☞  Spacious 6-person tent

Things to Consider Before Buying a Camping Tents You Can Stand Up In


  • The first thing that comes to mind is the size of the tents you can stand-in. These tents include the capacity starting from a single person to more than 8 people.
  • For flooring capacity, as per the sleeping bag size which is 15 square feet for each person, a 25 to 30 square feet distance is preferred for family campers and teens.
  • You can also find stand up tents for camping with 30 square feet wide flooring having a 7 inches length and 50 inches width. These stand up tents are the best camping tents for adults for 4 people.
  • If you are a growing teen camper then, you will require a 15-20 square feet wide flooring tent. Make sure to check the dimensions out so that you are aware of the amount of space you are investing in.


  • Design and capacity are somehow related. The tents tall enough to stand up in are designed in accordance with the capacity.
  • Tents that are available in the market are designed as Dome, Tunnel, Canopy, Geodesic, and Bell tent are the most common ones.
  • Each stand-up tent has their own significance e.g. tunnel tents are best family tents as the tube-shaped tent allow the family members to place there sleeping bags side by side.
  • Whereas, a dome styled tent is perfect for one or two persons.


  • Quality is another important factor for buying stand up tents. For having a sound sleep, the material of your tents you can stand up in should be weather-resistant.
  • Mostly, you can find tents that are made out of Cotton, Felt, Nylon, and Polyester.
  • Cotton is able to absorb water so tents that are made from cotton canvas keep your tent dry, making it waterproof. Nylon and polyester are light in weight as compared to the cotton tents but, they are unable to absorb much amount of the water. They can work if coated suitably according to the weather.
  • The tents made with the fabric hydrostatic head that rates 1000mm or minimum are entitled to shower rain resistant. A 1500mm is a perfect choice for summer season camping.


  • Transportation is one main feature one should definitely consider. As you will be carrying the tent along with you so you need to check beforehand how it packs up and how the maximum size it can be shrunk to.
  • The lighter the tent, the easier transportation. The cotton tent, however. are heavier and space taking as compared to the polyester tents.
  • If the trip is planned for hiking then polyester tents are recommended.

 Top 8 Best Tents Tall Enough to Stand Up In


Name & Features


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Coleman WeatherMaster Tent
☞ Separate screen room
☞  Expandable carry bag
☞  Spacious 6-person tent

KAZOO Outdoor Camping

☞ Mesh walls and ceiling
☞ Rain / privacy fly
☞ Kelty Built with stable steel poles

Coleman Cabin Tent

☞ Mesh walls and ceiling
☞ Rain / privacy fly
☞ Kelty Built with stable steel poles

CORE 6 Person Dome

☞ Premium quality.
☞ Water resistant PE floor
☞ Pop up in seconds.

KingCamp Camping Tent

☞ Set size: 95 × 95 × 75 inches
☞ Multi-purpose
☞ 3 mesh window keep breathable

Kelty Dirt Camping Tent

☞Stargazing Fly system
☞ custom-fit Kelty dirt Motel
☞ the floor is of polyurethane
Wnnideo Instant Family Tent
☞ Elasticized Fabric
☞ Hexagon weather Tec system
☞ Storage pockets to organize your gear

Alvantor Family Camping Tents

☞ Oak pattern
☞ Freestanding design
☞ Unique design

1. Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent- Tall Stand Up TentCheck Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • Spacious 6-person tent has enough room for 2 queen-size airbeds
  • Separate floorless screen room offers bug-free lounging
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry
  • Measures 11 x 9 feet with 6-foot 8-inch centre height; screen room measures 9 x 6 feet
  • Rainfly and expandable carry bag included

This is one of those tents you can stand in that not only has weatherTech system but is also very spacious and is one of the best backpacking tents for a tall person. Its separate floorless screen room offers bug-free lounging features.

With this best camping tents dome you can stand up in has an adjustable ground vent and large side windows provide great ventilation and a good view. It’s got high-grade fibreglass poles for nice wind resistance. It’s mesh windows will protect you against insects and mosquitoes.

Customer Reviews

I bought this tent for my camping trip lined up for spring season. For a test run, we altogether tried to give a shot to assemble it before actually using it. The window design provides a perfect view and also a best way for ventilation. We also tested it by water showers which proved it to be waterproof too. That made it a perfect product for my trip.

2. KAZOO Outdoor Camping

KAZOO Outdoor Camping- Tall Stand Up Tent

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Key Features

  • Spacious 4 person tent
  • Mesh walls and ceiling
  • Rain/privacy fly
  • Lots of internal storage pockets to keep things easy to find and easy to grab
  • Kelty Built with stable steel poles and steep sidewalls
  • Additional Features: 3 Season Tent, Taped Floor Seams, No-See-Um Mesh wall panels, Noiseless zipper pulls

This four-person tent has a room for 4 people and you can easily set it up as it pops out in seconds. The tent is equipped with a fly that will provide room for privacy and keep you safe when it rains.

There are pockets included in the tent so you can keep your things and organize them too. These tents you can stand in have a Kelty build so it is super sturdy. It has steep side-walls and stable poles.

This stand up pop up tent has mesh wall and ceilings which keeps the bugs at bay along with letting you enjoy the night stars. When you go away for camping and are away from all the city pollution, you would want to see the stars and that is exactly what this tents for tall guys allow you to do.

Customer Reviews

This tent is ridiculously huge and not recommended for backpacking. My husband loved it as it was able to take all the family members together. We used a queen sized air mattress in it. It was easy to assemble and took down.

3. Colemon Cabin Tent

Colemon Cabin Tent- Tall Stand Up Tent

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Key Features

  • Made out of durable polyester
  • Blocks Sunlight up to 90%
  • Durable Material
  • Has superb ventilation and provides  protection against weather and cold.
  • Easy Assembly in 5 minutes
  • Waterproof

You can easily fit 2 queen-sized airbeds in this durable tent. With the 72″ height in the canter, you will be able to stand in this tent.

This tent comes with multiple storage options, it has two large pockets on the sides, one mesh pocket on the overhead. It also has cable ports that you can use to access the electrical cord.

The package of this tent includes rainfly, carry bag, tent stakes, tent poles, and tent ropes. So you will not have to buy any more accessory.

This is one of the best tents with tall center height with eco-friendly silver coating, which ensures the effects of Anti-UV. Its welded floors and inverted seams provide good water resistance. It also comes with a waterproof seal inside the tent if you want to use it heavy rain.

Customer Reviews

I set this tent when I went on hiking in the north sides. It started to rain and the tent begins trip with water after 12 hours. The rain started to come in through wall. I recommend to take a back up along if you are going camping with this.

4 . Core 6 Person

Core 6 Person- Tall Stand Up tent

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Key Features

  • polyester
  • Large space. 90 “L x 90” W x 52 “H open size, this camping house provide a comfortable and spacious interior shelter that comfortably fits 3 Adults or 4-5 Kids or 1 queen airbed.
  • Pop up in seconds.
  • Premium quality.
  • Durable and lightweight fiberglass frame poles
  • Water-resistant PE floor
  • Water-resistant polyester fabric
  • 4 metal stakes, 4 windproof ropes
  • Inner pocket.
  • Hanging hook for headlamp or lantern light.
  • Moisture-proof, Dust-proof, UV Protected, Snow Protected.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Light and compact.

This is one of the best stand up tents for camping because its easy up hub structures makes it possible to set up this Amagoing sunshade in seconds. Just fold down the fabric and poles toward the hub to close the shade shelter and you’re good to go! The additional features listed above also make this family tent more stable and reliable when needed.

Customer Reviews

This tent is perfect. I wanted to have some handy tent which can easily assemble. It requires only one person to set up the tent. I took my pet along but it still left with plenty of space. We were 4 in the tent me, my husband and my 2 huge dogs. We purchased cots that went perfect with that. It is highly recommended tent.

5. King Camp Canopy Camping TentKing Camp Canopy Camping Tent- Tall Stand Up Tent

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Key Features

  • Set size: 95 × 95 × 75 inches,
  • Large room for 4 person
  • Multi-purpose: use as canopy or camping tent
  • 3 mesh window keep it breathable inside
  • The inside pockets are used to store cell phone, watch and other small objects; roof ring is used for hanging the lantern
  • With 4 ropes and 8 steel nails, the tent can firmly stand on the ground, makes the tent strong enough to stand up even in stiff winds

This tent is suitable for the family to go outside for camping picnic, park leisure. The rainfly can be used to support the tent up as an arbour or canopy or you can set the tent up with a rainfly and use it as a camping tent.

Even when you open the rainfly up the entrance will become like a big shaped D. All in all this tent is quite convenient and fast.

Customer Reviews

This tent is designed well, it is light in weight and durable. Easily sets up and perfectly bears the downpour of weather.

6. Kelty Dirt Motel Camping TentKelty Dirt Motel Camping Tent- Tall Stand Up Tent

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Key Features

  • The tent measures 94” x 85” with a peak height of 46 inches. The interior space is 55. 5 square feet. It has two vented vestibules, which together protect 18 square feet of real estate.
  • The tent is supported by compact DAC Press-fit poles. The setup for this tent includes two hubbed poles and one Ridge pole. This assembly creates vertical walls, which provide more overall Living space inside the tent, instead of a peak in the center.
  • The floor of the tent is polyurethane coated 70 denier nylon with a 3000 mm water-resistant rating. No-see-um mesh walls provide ventilation and keep out unwelcome guests. Two doors provide flexibility and privacy.

The freestanding design means you can pitch the tent and then move it around to find the best site. The rainfly is 40 deniers siliconized ripstop nylon rated to 1500 mm. All seams are tape sealed to further ensure weather protection.

Stargazing Fly system: quickly and easily roll up a portion of the rainfly. Secure the rolled fly with simple clips and you’re free to enjoy a view of the stars and reap the benefits of increased ventilation.

This tent includes Kelty’s Shark mouth stuff sack, designed to make stuffing easier, and reflective guy lines. The custom-fit Kelty dirt Motel 4P footprint (sold separately) can further protect your tent from wet ground, roots and rocks.

This is one of those tents tall enough to stand up in that offers exceptional room for your head and shoulders, The Kelty dirt Motel 4P tent allows you and the whole family to take in the stars when backpacking or camping.

Customer Reviews

Color of the tent matches the pole. It was fun to set it up. Following the instructions helps you to set it up in no time. Did not try the rain feature yet but hopefully it will work perfectly like other things.

7. Wnnideo Instant Family Tent
Wnnideo Instant Family Tent- Tall Stand up Tent

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Key Features

  • Elasticized Fabric
  • Lightweight 4-person dome tent with 2 large D-style door
  • Made out of no transparency material for good privacy
  • This tent is designed with double walls and double doors
  • Seamed floor and Pre-assembled poles
  • Hexagon weather Tec system
  • Storage pockets to organize your gear
  • Easy setup and quick set down automatic mechanism.
  • Wnnideo engineered
  • Stronger, more wind-resistant frame by using redesigned poles to anchor tents and increase performance
  • More Stable in the windy and rainy weather
  • Pop-up camping tent

This tent had double doors which not only provide great ventilation but also the double doors could be zippered into walls to avoid the breeze blowing through your tent at night. The opaque material not only performs well on blackout offers great protection with water-resistant and UV protected material. This tent can make your camping experience even better!

Customer Reviews

I am satisfied with the product and company as well. Accidently, I broke the plastic arm of the tent which the company replaced with the new one. Perfectly weatherproofed. Able to fit 2 adults along with a kid with a queen air mattress inside.

8 . Alvantor Family Camping TentAlvantor Family Camping Tent- Tall Stand Up Tent

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Key Features

  • Oak pattern
  • Popular dome style with a large hooded fly protects well from all weather.
  • Freestanding design
  • easy set up and take down
  • lightweight 4 person waterproof camping tent
  • spacious room even for 4 adults.
  • Unique design
  • Versatile usage

This tent has many benefits including high PU coated fly and wall protect from the harshest weather. A large rear hooded window and a ground vent provide maximum ventilation and comfort. Deep tub floor made of durable and thick PE tarpaulin is more suitable if on flooding or hard rock surface. PE material is non-sticky and easy to clean. This 4 people family tent measures 9’x7’x5’5″H. 4 season suitable tent is perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, scouts, overnight or weekend trip, sporting events, music festivals or for just relaxing in the back yard.

Customer Reviews

It is a good and simple tent that can easily set up and down. It became wet in the morning after the heavy rainfall that night. Overall it is a good and budget-friendly product.

What are the best tents?

The tents are the ones which are easy to pack and carry. A better version of these tents is those which are tall peak height tents or even small tents you can stand up in. Read on ahead and find out our top picks for the best tents tall enough to stand up in that are just one click away from your purchase!

Conclusion | Tents Tall Enough to Stand Up in

Instead of buying useless tents that will be a waste of money invest your money in durable and spacious tents. To ease your life up today we have shortlisted tall tents enough to stand up in. These are durable, spacious, top-ranked and the best stand up tents that you can get your hands on.

It’s time that you familiarize yourself with the awesome camping gear we have shortlisted for you and make your adventurous trip more comfortable and easier.

As the seasons progress, camping season comes right around the corner, the first thing to be bagged is a stand up tent. What’s the fun of camping without stand up tents for camping? If your camping isn’t comfortable enough, you won’t enjoy camping. That is why this article includes the best tents to stand up in that are available in the market.

These tents for tall people as well as a small stand up tent is good to invest in. Cheap stand up tents are all around you, you just need to look at the right places. Tents you can stand up in help you stretch out your legs and give you a better camping experience.

Go ahead and get the perfect camping tents you can stand up in or you can say pop up tent you can stand up in; the best backpacking tent for a tall person; tall family tent; tent with swinging door and much more!


What is the best tent for camping?

The best tent for tall person and otherwise for camping are the ones which are made of good quality material, are long-lasting, allow you comfortably camp and ones in which you can stand up inside and be all in. Check out our list above t view some of the best options.

What is the best tent to buy?

The best tent to buy is the one which suits your needs perfectly. The best tent for tall person is one in which he/she can measure the standing height tent that suits those best. Your tall tents for camping must be easily packable and easy to carry and made out of good material so that it’s durability can be relied on during your camping trips and also for future use.

How do you pick a good tent?

The best way through which you can determine which one is the right one is by knowing the exact space you need. That will help you figured out by knowing the number of people staying in one tent. There are tents that have different living capacities like for 2, 4, 6 people etc.

How tall is a tent?

Coleman is the company that manufactures tents that are tents tall enough to stand up in.  Also, when your are going to buy a tent, make sure that you know the number of people staying in a tent, the height and the flooring dimensions.

What are the best quality tents?

The companies that produce best tents you can stand up in includes Coleman, Kazoo, Core, King Camp, Kelty, Wnnideo, and Alvantor.

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