Top 9 Best Silent Mouse for Gaming-Buying Guide 2020

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With games becoming more intense and international competitors becoming more pro, you need the best silent mouse for gaming to stay on top of your game.

Top companies took initiative to manufacture the ultimate mouse to help you focus and match your speed during game sessions.

We narrowed down some of the best mouses for you, but first, let’s address an important question.

Are Wireless Mouses Good for Gaming?

A wireless mouse is more expensive as compared to a wired one. But it’s worth that money as it reduces your desk clutter. So while playing games you wouldn’t be annoyed by any cable drag.

Wire mouse can be opted by people that don’t want to bother with charging the mouse.  If you select a good wire mouse it can provide accuracy and extra buttons just like a wireless gaming mouse.

But if you have to carry your equipment and want to eliminate unnecessary mouse bungee than a wireless mouse is a right pick for you.

Players worldwide have transitioned to a wireless mouse as they are designed with the demands of intense players worldwide. If a wireless mouse is good enough for the pros of Overwatch, then it is good enough for you.

Top 9 Best Silent Mouse for Gaming

ImageNameCheck Price
Apple Magic Mouse SilverView Product
ASUS ROG Pugio Gaming Mouse AuraView Product
ASUS ROG Gladius IIView Product
Logitech G502 Proteus SpectrumView Product
HIRALIY F300 Gaming MouseView Product
VEGCOO C8 Wireless Gaming MouseView Product
VicTsing Wireless Gaming MouseView Product
Inphic Gaming MouseView Product

1. Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Wireless, Rechargeable) – SilverApple Magic Mouse 2 (Wireless, Rechargeable) - Silver

Top on are list of best silent mouse for gaming is a mouse by world famous brand Apple. Buyers can rest assure as anything manufactured by Apple will be durable and reliable.

This best rechargeable wireless mouse eliminates the hassle of batteries. As it has an included bottom shell and battery thus this mouse has comparatively lesser moving parts. Plus, you can charge your mouse on the go.

The foot design of this silent wireless gaming mouse reduces the overall resistance that you might experience with other mouse and eradicates the use of cables.

In case you own a Mac computer then this best mouse on the market will automatically connect with your system.

It’s extremely responsive to clicks and scrolling.

2. ASUS ROG Pugio Gaming Mouse Aura

Embrace yourself for the best silent gaming mouse!!

This isn’t any ordinary wireless gaming mouse with side buttons, instead, its side buttons are customizable. Thus there isn’t any risk of random clicking.

Furthermore, being the best optical gaming mouse its optical sensor has 150 IPS, 30 G acceleration and 7200 DPI. In short, you will get accurate and quick tracking.

So if you’re in search of the most accurate gaming mouse, this is the right pick for you.

The feature of ASUS Aura Sync RGB lightening make this mouse stylish and add zones to the mouse. These zones can exhibit a countless spectrum of colors.

3. ASUS ROG Gladius IIASUS ROG Gladius II

Out of all the good wireless gaming mouses available in the market, this one is our favorite.

It has been designed to fit all types of grips. Plus, this silent click gaming mouse has amazing features like a DPI switch, micro USB that is quick release and a scroll wheel that is clickable.

Being one of the most accurate gaming mouse it has 50G acceleration, 250 IPS sensors and 12’000 DPI sensors.

These characteristics make it the best optical gaming mouse.

This mouse too has 3 zones of diverse colors that you can sync effects with any device enabled with ASUS Aura Sync.



The rubber grips on the side and the smooth slide make this the best silent mouse for gaming.

At the output, you will receive RGB lightning, which is very bright. The switches on this mouse give similar feelings like the wireless mouse of Razer Lancet.

This quiet click gaming mouse has 16’000 DPI, 50 G acceleration and 400 IPS.

Not only does this mouse have flawless movements but adjustable balance and weight.

Furthermore, unlike any best cheap wired mouse you get a 50 million click Omron Switch. In other words, this is the best mouse for jitter clicking.

You can personalize the lighting of this mouse via the RGB Fusion-16.7M colors.

With such fantastic features, this is surely the best silent wireless mouse to invest in.

5. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech has an amazing line of silent mouse and keyboard. So if you want your system to not make any noise make sure to check out their products.

This particular mouse functions according to the grip style of your hand. It appears minimalistic yet professional, thus it will be the perfect addition to your gaming station.

This gaming mouse will surpass all best-wired mouse for gaming. It has modifiable RGB lighting and customizable game profiles that range from 200 to 12000 DPI.

Out of all the products listed this is the mouse with most buttons. Plus, its cable is defended by cloth sheath and plastic.

6. HIRALIY F300 Gaming MouseHIRALIY F300 Gaming Mouse


Looking for the best laptop gaming mouse? Your search ends today with this amazing mouse by HIRALIY.

This silent click gaming mouse has a light-handed structure. To enhance the grip, especially during intense game sessions, the mouse has a rubber surface.

This mouse has 6 feet cable which is braided fiber cable. This structure enhances the data transmission and ensures supreme durability.

Being the best silent mouse for gaming, it has the PMW3325. PMW3325 is a very advanced gaming chip that is able to capture precise and quick movements. Thus you can employ precise control on using this mouse.

As the best pc mouse for gaming, it has 5 adjustable settings of DPI. These settings are 500, 1000, 2000, 3500 and lastly 5000. You can select any of these to suit your gaming scenarios.

7. VEGCOO C8 Wireless Gaming Mouse

VEGCOO C8 Wireless Gaming Mouse


Recognized as the best silent wireless mouse, this is quite a popular option in gaming society.

Its left and right keys are noise-free. Thus you wouldn’t have to worry about annoying noises with this gaming mouse mute silent click feature.

Wireless gaming mouse review is filled with praise for the multicolored LEDs of this product. This mouse alters color randomly and produces an alluring atmosphere.

Plus, you can disable the LED lights if they bother you.

This best gaming mouse under 40 offers a very reliable and consistent wireless connection. Its precise tracking allows you to operate the mouse freely even from a distance of 10m

8. VicTsing Wireless Gaming MouseVicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Another popular and best silent gaming mouse is this by VicTsing. With a total of 7 buttons on the mouse, you can use it for extreme games.

Its left and right buttons do generate minimum noise but all in all you can easily focus while using this mouse.

The optical sensors in this quiet click gaming mouse facilitate flawless tracking, accurate movement and instant response.

This mouse has a frosted finish which makes it sweatproof and anti-slip.

In case you are a left-hander than this mouse will suit you too. It has a symmetric design that allows the mouse to fit in both the left and right hands.

9. Inphic Gaming MouseInphic Gaming Mouse

Lastly we have a mouse that can easily beat the most expensive mouse in the world with its amazing feature.

The look of this mouse is super sophisticated. It has an aluminum base and either side of the wing are plated.

Its lightweight design and unique texture improve comfort during usage.

With 4 DPI speed levels (1200, 1600,2400 and 4800) you can easily adjust the mouse according to of the gaming scenario.

Its four breathing lights make it the perfect mouse to use in an office, home, etc.

Like the previous mouse, this one has symmetrical design too. Thus both left and right-handers can use it with ease.


Yes, you can but a gaming mouse has certain characteristics that enhance your gaming experience. For example, its DPI i.e. sensitivity of the mouse.
The 9 mouse mentioned above are currently the best silent mouse and you will money will not go to waste on buying these.


Your equipment contributes to your overall performance. Thus it is very crucial that you get the right tools to assist your speed and performance.

The products that we have shortlisted will enhance your skills, so buy with the confidence that you are investing in the best mouse.

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